Mandarin Search: ni4

to sink; to drown to be given over to
(ancient form of 溺) sunk; perished, drawned; infatuated
we (Shanghai dialect)
mud, mire; to paste, to plaster
nìe nìng mud, mire; earth, clay; plaster
to gouge out an eye or eyes (a corrupted form)
zhì intimate, close; approach
chèn tìan (same as 拿) to bring, to take, to apprehend, to grasp
disobey, rebel; rebel, traitor
feeble, tiny, young and weak
hide; go into hiding
long for; hungry
look askance at, glare at; squint
niào drown; submerge in water; indulge
greasy, oily, dirty; smooth
nài thick coat of hair ( of the animals), hairy
mortified; ashamed
clothing and ornaments; an ornamental item; a decorative artical of a garment
nái a kind of sheep (goat) with curled hairs
a straightforward character, cannot make up one's mind; to hesitate
be in great difficulty, greatly
intimate, close; approach
do evil in secret; evil, vice
(same as 䵒 ) glue, a kind of cement made of hemp, lime and oil
fishhawk bow or prow
to blink; to half-close the eyes, small eyes (same as 昵) very dear; very intimate; very much in love
greasy, oily, dirty; smooth
glue, a kind of cement made of hemp, lime and oil
nìng níng mud; miry, muddy, stagnant
a range of mountains in Hunan province
(same as 嶷) young kids smart and familiar with human affairs, range of mountains in Hunan Province
shè river in Hubei province
fishhawk; bow or prow