Mandarin Search: pei2

huài péi rotten, spoilt, bad, broken down
péi a department in the State of Lu; in what is now Shantung or N. China
bàng péi rocky (same as 玤) fine stone which is little less valuable than jade (interchangeable 崩) to collapse; to fall
péi pǒu (same as 培) to bank up with earth, to nourish; to strengthen; to cultivate
pái péi walk back and forth, hesitate
péi pǒu bank up with dirt; cultivate
péi accompany, be with, keep company
péi to slap lightly on the clothes or coverlet, to beat; to strike; to attack
péi indemnify, suffer loss
póu péi berkelium
bèi péi suburb
péi surname; look of a flowing gown
péi féi surname; look of a flowing gown
péi a large face
péi indemnify, suffer loss
péi (same as 䪹) chin; the jaws; the cheeks
póu péi berkelium
péi ospery; water hawk
péi short hair and beard