Mandarin Search: pi2

to compare, liken; comparison; than
skin, hide, fur, feather; outer
separate, part company
spoiled silk; hem of dress; mista
(Cant.) leg, thigh
bēi dam, embankment; reservoir
to rip open the flesh, to break; to snap
help, assist; connect, adjoin
help, assist; connect, adjoin
feel tired, be exhausted; weak
to comb; a fine-toothed comb
chǐ spoiled silk; hem of dress
ba bǎi cease, finish, stop; give up
bàng bèng fēng oysters, mussels; mother-of-pearl
mussels; various shellfish
fox, leopard, panther
a parapet on a city wall
bēi add, increase, attach; low fence
pái spleen, pancreas; disposition
fān pān fán pán to take turns; a turn, a time; to repeat
bēi oval
guitar-like instrument
curtain for carriage
é an earthenware jar with a small mouth and two or four ears; used to store water for fire prevention in ancient times
a needle used in Chinese medicine; a sword, large knife; beryllium
lean one side; very, rather
aid, benefit, help; supplement
miáo a tick, mite
the small beam supporting the rafters at the eaves
brown bear, ursus arctos
(Cant.) 膍胵, gizzard and liver of domestic animals
pán county and lake in Jiangxi
ba bǎi cease, finish, stop; give up
the branches growing downwards; small trees; saplings; cuttings of trees for planting
fine-toothed comb; comb hair
fox, leopard, panther
piāo a chrysalis
(non-classical form of 疲) full of anger; fierce anger, tired; weary; exhausted
bǐng sheath
fán fān foreign things
bài a small round piece of distiller's grains or yeast
brown bear, ursus arctos
drum carried on horseback