Mandarin Search: qi4

𣪠 to attack
qīe qìe cut, mince, slice, carve
steam, vapor; KangXi radical 84
finish; conclude, stop; exhaust
air, gas, steam, vapor; spirit
qìa yáo to engrave, (interchangeable with 契) a written contract or agreement
jíe resolute; a non-Han ethnic group in Guangxi, Hunan, and Guizhou
to vibrate; vibration, (same as 佾) a row or file of dancers, esp. referring to those in ancient dances at sacrifices or other rites
(ancient form of 氣) air; vapor, breath, spirit; character, bearing; manner
reject, abandon, discard
gāi steam, vapor, gas
extend, reach; until; till
cry, sob, weep
urgently, immediately, extremely
breath, air, steam, gas. weather. used in Taoist charms
stab; prick, irritate; prod
stab; prick, irritate; prod
to sit; (Cant.) only, merely; a final particle of intimacy
qìe xìe deed, contract, bond; engrave
to whisper. to blame to slander
(ancient form of 汁) meat soup, mixed meat
qìe stone steps, brick walk
(same as 芞) fragrant herb, vanilla
to look at, to examine; to observe; to survey
the buttocks; the rump; the sacrum, to set sideways, the male organ; (Cant.) vulgar term for the female sex organ
béng there is no need
finish; conclude, stop; exhaust
qìe assist, help, lead by hand
carve, engrave
air, gas, steam, vapor; spirit
(simpliied form)
to cross over
qìe earthenware (a basin; a pot; a bowl; a crock with a narrow opening)
趿 to tread on; slipshod
jíe brave; martial; hasty; scudding
creeping, crawling
湿 shī wet, moist, humid, damp; illness
(Cant.) sticky, not smooth, slow
kài rest, stop
jīe to set (a table); to install, equip; to lay (a foundation)
to sew in close stitches
reject, abandon, discard
chún rùn (ancient form of 純) pure, sincere; honest; faithoful
zhǎ to pile up layer by layer, wedge, gatepost
to walk
(same as 餼) a sacrificial victim, explained as used of the living beast, to bite; to gnaw, to eat to the full; surfeited, a wart; a pimple; a pustule
shī damp, moist; dampness, moisture
(same as ) to examine; to survey; to inspect; to visit, to watch or see in secret; to spy; to peep
to examine; to survey; to inspect; to visit, to watch or see in secret; to spy; to peep
sand and gravel
sound of broken sticks; crack of a wooden stick, a forest; wooded land
a flood-gate, a water-gate
qìe to join, to splice, to braid
a kind of cattle; a cattle of short statured
zhì a wafting fish, a fish, to cut a fish
soak, steep; dye; stains; sodden
to plant; to sow; to cultivate
chí cúo zhàn dried and seasoned meat, sound of the abdomen
(same as 㠍) a lofty mountain
jíe lofty; majestic, name of a mountain
thatch; fix, repair; pile up
receptacle, vessel; instrument
rest, take rest
to sew in close stitches
receptacle, vessel; instrument
sand and gravel; rocks exposed at low tide; to crush
to see; to look at, to examine, to spy upon, to wait upon
rest, take rest
a vessel; a container, a kind of animal with red hair looks like hedgehog
to hear; to listen, a keen sense of hearing
qìe lace; embroidered hem (of a garment), (same as 緁) a narrow strip of woven material (such as the hem of a straw hat)
ramie; linen sackcloth, to twist and join (cords); to continue, to order the arrest of; to capture
shī wet, moist, humid, damp; an illness
jíe pure; virtuous; devotion; dedication, to have bearings; to have manners
qìe a servant, to fear, short; a short person, angry, small headed
sound of rat; sound of insects
acrida chinensis
qi water-chestnuts; caltrop
àn with a high skull, dried meat strips