Mandarin Search: qian4

qìan qūe owe, lack, be deficient; KangXi radical number 76
qìan kān publication, periodical; publish
xīan jīan qìan fine, delicate; minute; graceful
qìan (non-classical form of 欠) to own money, deficient, to yawn, last name
qìan (non-classical form of 跛)lame; crippled
qīan qìan drag, pull, lead by hand
qīan qìan exuberant and vigorous foliage
qìan qìng beautiful, lovely; son-in-law
qìan plant allied to the waterlily
qìan moat, trench, pit, cavity
qīan qìan drag, pull, lead by hand
qìan qīan madder, rubia cordifolia; reeds
qìan servant
qīan qìan humble, modest
cùi qìan sùi to think deeply, to think far ahead, profound and abstruse thinking, careful deliberations; to think and contemplate thoroughly
qìan qīan inlay, set in; fall into; rugged
qìan wooden tablet; edition
qìan qìe to resent; contended; satisfied
xían qìan qǐan qìe pouch; hold; content
qìan deficient, lacking, insufficient
qìan zhēng dark red
qǐan qìan send, dispatch; send off, exile
qìan moat, trench, pit, cavity
qìan (same as 鵮) to peck, poverty; poor, things of the same value, to take; to fetch; to obtain, to select; to choose, (of a bird) to peck
qìan (same as 塹) the moat around a city, a pit; a hole or cavity in the ground (same as 嶄) (of a mountain) high and pointed, novel; new
qìan beautiful; pretty, used in girl's name
cán qìan sprightly boat; light boat
qìan xìan xún a cross-beam; an axle, etc.
qìan inlay, set in; fall into; rugged
qìan a pall to cover the hearse
qìan wooden tablet; edition
qìan zhǎn a cage; a basket; a noose
lían qìan (same as 鏈) chain, cable
qìan lush vegetation, luxuriant growth
qīan qìan tow line
qīan qìan zhàn humble, modest
qìan moat around a city. a channel
lían qìan a kind of grain, (same as ) trees producing no fruit
qìan qín (ancient form of 琴) a musical instrument
qìan yán a long shape of head and face, the cheeks; the jaw, ugly, a long face
jìan qìan xìan panicled millet, congee; porridge; rice gruel, ripening of paddy or rice; a harvest
qìan yán eaves of a ancestral temple (of the ruling family), door of a shrine or a temple, small opening (of a door), to spy; to peep
jǐan qìan a snack, supplementary dishes, (corrupted form of 䭑) incorruptable; honest; clean, (same as 歉) deficient, poor crop or harvest, to regret; sorry; (same as 餡) anything serving as stuffing for dumplings, etc.
qǐan qìan a leather belt; a leather waistband
qìan food made of rice-flour