Mandarin Search: ran3

rǎn tender; weak; gradually alterrrrating
rǎn tender; weak; proceed gradually
rǎn with a charming sprightly carriage (said of a woman)
rǎn rán (Cant.) intensifying particle
rǎn dye; be contagious; infect
rǎn (same as 苒) (of flowers and grass) lush or delicate
qùe rǎn name of a dog in the period of Warring States (usually known as the magpie, jacklaw), generally called for dogs
rǎn lush; successively, in order
rǎn fine down; floss; wool
hài rǎn xìe name of a god
rǎn iron
rǎn soft leather
nàng nèn rǎn brittle and friable, fear; dread; fright; scare
rǎn shùn xían xìan a kind of tree