Mandarin Search: ren3

rěn (same as 忍) to endure; to bear; to forbear; to repress
nìan rěn xìan name of a river in today's southwest of Shanxi Province, the wet things attach or stick up to each other, dirty and muddy
rěn endure, bear, suffer; forbear
rěn rùn (ancient form of 飪) to cook food thoroughly
nǐan rěn nìan lǐan dirt
rěn a kind of insects; earthworm, durable; strong and soft; pliable yet tough
rěn nìan jujube tree
rěn rèn soft
rěn beans; soft, pliable; herb
nìe rěn (same as standard form 稔) ripening of paddy or rice; a harvest, a year
rěn ripe grain; harvest; to know, be familiar with
rěn to eat to the fool, (same as 飪) to cook food thoroughly, cakes