Mandarin Search: ru4

enter, come in(to), join
ròu flesh; meat; KangXi radical 130
damp, boggy, marshy
humiliate, insult, abuse
illness; disease, could not have access to ...
place in Henan province
decorative, adorned, elegant
moist, humid, muggy
róu soft, (same as 脜) gentle; mild; temperate facial expression
a lance with two points, a halberd with a crescent -shaped blade; weapons used in ancient times, to stimulate; to provoke; to excite; to irritate, to point with the index finger and the middle finger; to describe angry or an awe-inspiring display of milit
rǒng decorative, adorned, elegant
straw bed mat; rushes
mattress, cushion; bedding
bèng jiào péng qiǎo a swellen corpse, swell
child; blood relation; affection
rúi shinbone of a cattle, a kind of cattle