Mandarin Search: sha4

𧜁 shā shà to make smaller, fit; seam
shā shà sūo sand, gravel, pebbles; granulated
shà zhà used in girl's name, a woman's countenance; features
zhà shà shān fence; palisade; grid
zhà shà shān fence; palisade; grid
shà what; which; who; why
shà qìe speaking evil. gobbling sound made by ducks
shà what?
shà (same as 歃)to smear the mouth with the blood of a victim when taking an oath, to taste; to try
shà to interrupt; to put in a word, lacking in courage; cowardly, nervous; socially timid, womanly; feminine
shà xìa big building, mansion
shà xía smear one's mouth with blood of a victim when taking an oath
shà (Cant.) 歰氣 to argue, wrangle, disagree
shà xìa big building, mansion
shā shà malignant deity; baleful, noxious; strike dead
á shà hoarse of voice
shà lucky plant
shà (same as 箑) a fan, (same as 翣) feathers adorning a coffin, bamboo ware
shà feathers used decorate coffin; large wooden fan
shà jíe fan
zhá xía zhà shà thunder
dìan shà xía to overflow; to spread
shà light rain, drizzle; an instant; passing
qìe shà a gale; a gust of swift wind
qiáo shà food containers (bowl; basin, etc.) used in ancient times
shà zhá (same as ) to gallop, swift, to walk lightly ( said of a horse)
shà sound of breath; snoring; snorting
shà shài dosen't t stick to each other; hard to adhesive, (same as 曬) to dry in the sun; to expose to sunlight
hào shà (same as 顥) bright; luminous; hoary; white