Mandarin Search: she4

xíe shè to harmonize, to rhyme; to unite; (borrowed for) leaf
shā shài shè kill, slaughter, murder; hurt
shè surname
shè build; establish; display
shè shě shì house, dwelling; dwell, reside
shè god of the soil and altars to him; group of families; company, society
shè surname
shí jìe shè pick up, collect, tidy up; accounting form of the numeral ten
shè xíe powerful and strong bow, (interchangeable 5F3D 韘) archer's thumbring of leather
shè shoot, eject, issue forth, emit
shè díe ford stream, wade across
shā shài shè kill, slaughter, murder; hurt; to pare off, reduce, clip
shè build; establish; display; particle of hypothesis, supposing
shè shē a wild cat; 猞猁, a lynx
shè díe ford stream
shè forgive, remit, pardon
shào shè dim; ambiguous; unclear eyesight, sharp ends of something
shè (same as 射) to project; to shoot out, to aim at
jía shè (same as 眨) to wink; (same as 睫) eyelashes, having one eye smller than the other, joke; witticism; pleasantry; jest; fun; (Cant.) to peep at; to blink, wink
shè (same as 涉) to wade, to experience, to involve; to implicate
shè nìe take in, absorb; act as deputy
shè river in Hubei province
shè nìe take in, absorb; act as deputy
jíe shè eyelashes
shè zhé afraid, scared, fearful
shè zhé vessel; container
sǔo shè (Cant.) to pull, lift up
shè shèn tǐan (ancient form of 社) god of the land, an association; an organization; society; community
shè zhé fear; terrified, fearful; fear
xíe shè leaf, petal; page of book; period
cén chè shè cooked or well-done; prepared or processed, to brew wine and store up for a long time, (interchangeable 酖) addicted to alcoholic drinks; to be imbibed or to indulge in (vices, etc.), to be infatuated with to be a slav e of
shè xíe to suck; a county's name in anhui
shè xíe to look at; to see; to inspect; (same as 瞸) gazing into distance, having one eye smaller than the other, to look askance at; (Cant.) to close the eyes
hùo shè (same as 魊) a cyclone; a whirlwind, a fabulous creature which supposedly hurts human beings by casting sand out of its mouth; ghost
shè wán yìng black, dark; deep
nìe zhè shè zhé whisper; surname
shè archer's thumb ring
shè to have one's heart won; to submit, admire, etc. sincerely and willingly, (interchangeable 懾) to fear; to dread; to be scared of
nìe shè a slip of the tongue
shè zhé afraid, scared, fearful
shè river in Hubei province
shè nìe take in, absorb; act as deputy; administer, assist
shè musk deer
zhé shè fear; envy; loquacious
shè connected silk, measurement