Mandarin Search: sui2

sūi súi tǔo soothe, appease, pacify
rúi súi four bundle of grains
súi follow, listen to, submit to
súi dùo tǔo tūo Sui dynasty; surname
súi a kind of jade
sūi súi shuāi rúi tǔo soothe, appease, pacify; carriage harness
sùi súi comply with, follow along; thereupon
wèi súi lose; articles lost; omit
súi (same as 瀡) slippery
súi (same as 隨) to follow; to trace, to submit to; to accord with, to let, to come after
súi follow, listen to, submit; to accompany; subsequently, then
súi to speak on the ideas of someone else; to speak without much thought of ones own, to obey