Mandarin Search: tan3

tǎn timorous; nervous
tǎn flat, smooth; self-possessed
tǎn (same as 醓) brine from pickled meat; condiments, juicy meat pulp; mashed meat cooked with soybean sauce, short and ugly, light of the setting moon; (Cant.) 肚䏙 stomach
dǎn tán tǎn gall bladder; bravery, courage
dàn tǎn light; bright; brilliant, clear, intelligent; day dawn
dàn tǎn tantalum
tǎn zhàn strip; lay bare; bared; naked
tán tǎn (non-classical form of 毯) rugs; carpets
tàn tǎn fine
tǎn rug, carpet, blanket
tán tǎn embers
tǎn to walk
tǎn a peg; a stake; a door stopper, the bolt of a door; door latch
dàn tǎn tantalum
tǎn rush or sedge
tǎn gobble
tàn tǎn fine
tǎn salted meat; brine from pickled mince
tǎn (corrupted form of 毯) rug; carpet; blanket
tǎn big; large; thin; light, rugged; uneven, a deep cave
dàn shān tǎn a rank odor; a technical term from Chinese medicine for the center of the chest
tǎn dàn sacrifice offered at the end of the three years' mourning the death of a parent
tǎn dǎn dàn earnest money; silk label on books
tǎn zhàn strip; lay bare; bared; naked
tǎn dǎn shèn dàn black, dark; unclear; private