Mandarin Search: tan4

tàn sigh, admire
tàn charcoal; coal; carbon
chàn tàn (same as 覘) to spy on; to see; to observe; to inspect, to cast the eyes down, the insight of the debauchee, to move the eyes; to look around
tàn tān find, locate; search, grope for
tàn tǎn fine
chóu tán tàn do not care about appearance and deportment
dàn tàn to stick out the tongue
tàn carbon
tàn sigh, admire
chéng tàn to put out the tongue (said of animal)
dàn tàn a river, in today's northeast of Sichuan Province, between Bazhong and Tongjiang
tàn evil, wicked, wrong, foul
dǎn tàn to dust; a duster
tàn sigh, admire
tàn tǎn fine
tàn delicious; tasty food, (same as 醰) of a fine flavour
tàn (non-classical form) (same as 談) to talk; to converse; to chat
shǎn shěn tàn the current of a stream, brave; courageous; decision with courage; (a person) of determination, swift flowing of the water currents, to float; to waft, to overflow