Mandarin Search: wang3

wǎng a net; net-like, radical 122
fāng fēng páng wǎng a square, rectangle; a region; local
wǎng Radical 122
㲿 wǎng (simplified form of 瀇) extensive body of water; broad and deep of water; momentum of moving water deep and wide
wǎng net; network; KangXi radical 122
wāng wǎng hóng vast, extensive, deep; surname
wǎng go
wǎng wáng net; deceive; libel; negative
wǎng useless, in vain; bent, crooked
wǎng wàng go, depart; past, formerly
wǎng wàng go, depart; past, formerly
húang wǎng royal, imperial; ruler, superior
wǎng (same as 網) web; net; network
wǎng disconcerted, dejected, discouraged
wǎng flood; a great flood; massive water, name a river, name of a place in today's Shanxi Province east of Yin county, (same as 汪) deep and extensive (said of water)
wǎng exterior rim of wheel, felly
wǎng the pond water is still
wǎng (abbreviated form of 網) web; net; network
méi wǎng Illicium anisatum, and kind of poisonous shrub
wǎng the felloe or rim of a wheel
wǎng net, web; network
wǎng exterior rim of wheel, felly
wǎng (same as 魍) an elf, a sprite, an animal which is said to eat the brains of the dead under ground; a monster
wǎng demons, mountain spirits