Mandarin Search: wo4

yāo wāi yǎo young, fresh-looking; die young
water, irrigate; fertile, rich
an organic compound
lie down; crouch
to gouge out an eye or eyes (a corrupted form)
lie down; crouch
to fuss
wǎn daub
grasp, hold fast, take by hand
tent; mosquito net
òu moisten, soak; great, deep; dye; to enrich
stinking smell, expression of a dead person
dark and deep eyed, to look down, to block, to stuff, to cork; to seal
gǔan revolve, rotate, turn
wēn yūn epidemic, plague, pestilence
yūe to measure; to calculate
ào (same as 奧 嶴) deep in the mountain, name of a place in Zhejiang Province; at the hill side
narrow; small, dirty
hùo trap catch animals, snare; seize
wǎn (interchangeable 婉) good-looking; beautiful, with the eyes wide open
narrow, small; dirty
júe short clothes, to lift up clothes and across a river
júe bright eyes, angry look; angry eyes (ancient form of 覺) to awaken, to wake up from sleep, to feel
to move slowly and then swiftly (said of a horse), a swift horse, to neigh
narrow, small; dirty