Mandarin Search: xi2

practice; flapping wings
cùo formerly; ancient; in beginning
xíe (a corrupted abbreviated form) to cover the line of vision or sight --the straight line between an object and one's eyes, to look steadily at, to look at impatiently
seat; mat; take seat; banquet
xíe (abbreviated form of 8107 脅) the sides of the trunk from armpits to ribs; the flank
where? what? how? why?; servant
the water flowing from ..., the current of a stream
to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking, to rest; to cease, intelligent, strange; uncanny, light aspirations ro ambitions for ...
sections in vegetable farm
practice; flapping wings
raid, attack; inherit
lìe qùe hunt; field sports
personal name; servant
mountain in Henan; surname
beam of a house
xíe lead by hand, take with; carry
wait for, await, expect, hope
tin, stannum; bestow, confer
put out, extinguish, quash
to take off one's top; divest
name of a mountain in Yunnan Province
a hard wood
zhé (ancient form of 襲) to put on; to wear, repeated; double; to inherit; to attack or take by surprise, to accord with; to unite
a polypus
xíe (non-classical form of 攜) to lead by the hand, to conduct to; to take with
straw mat, mat
tin, stannum; bestow, confer
paralysis, rheumatism, having no sense of feeling; numb
to quarrel; mean and petty
footpath, trail; track
shī wet, moist, humid, damp; an illness
zhé zhě díe pleat, crease, wrinkles
xiào a small boat connected to the back of a big boat; used to load the passengers, cargo or goods, warship, a kind of tools used to capsize
xìe low, damp land, marsh, swamp
call arms; urgency
㵿 endlessly long or vast water currents
a wry neck
the weather or dojo loach, Misgurnus anguillicaudatus
heavy rain
to cut; to cut out; to pick out; to scoop out, to cut short; to spare
xíe lead by hand, take with; carry
raid, attack; inherit
the weather or dojo loach, Misgurnus anguillicaudatus
a mouse
large turtles