Mandarin Search: xiang2

xíang yáng detailed, complete, thorough
xíang unsubmissive; obstreperous
xíang name of a mountain
jìang xíang xìang descend, fall, drop; lower, down
yáng xíang yǎng ocean, sea; foreign; western
xíang village school; teach
xíang good luck, good omen; happiness
xíang good luck
xíang soar, glide, hover; detailed
gòng xíang a bamboo basket for food containers (such as cup; plate; dish and bowl, etc.) used in ancient times, a basket for chopsticks, bamboo basket used to filter or to strain out the wine, a sail made of a thin and long strip of bamboo
xíang a small kidney bean; cowpea
xíang yáng detailed, complete, thorough
dòu xíang unable to talk, incapable; inefficient
xíang a kind of vegetable