Mandarin Search: xin4

xìn to fly rapidly
xìn (ancient form of 信) to believe in; to trust, truth, sincerity, confidence, a pledge or token
xìn top of the head; skull
xìn trust, believe; letter; (Cant.) small
xìn a king of tree
xìn shēn trust, believe; letter
xìn (ancient form of 信) honesty; good faith; to believe ortrust, a letter
shǐ xìn (same as 狶 豨) swine; pig; hog; big wild pig, sound used in calling pigs, a legendary appellation of an emperor in ancient times
xìn name of a mountain, a component parts of a loom
xīn xìn pith from rush (juncus effusus)
xìn zhèn (same as 娠) pregnant, to let develop; to nourish; to foster; to nurture, slave girls
xìn (same as 耜) a plough; a ploughshare
xìn consecrate sacrificial vessels by smearing blood; rift
xìn erysipelas; sloughing of an ulcer
xìn xīn heat, radiate heat; broil; cauterize
䪿 shěng xìn (same as 囟) the top of the head, the skull
xíe xìn (corrupted form of 擷) to collect; to take up; to pick; to gether
xìn wèn split; (Cant.) a mark, trace
xìn top of the head; skull
xìn smear with blood in sacrifice; rift, quarrel