Mandarin Search: xing3

shěng xǐan xǐng province; save, economize
xǐng (same as 擤) to blow the nose with the fingers; (Cant.) to scour; to rebuke; to hit with a ball
xǐng a rack or a stand with three sticks to cross each other, a chopping board
chě shéng xǐng zhè (non-classical form of 繩) a rope; a cord, to restrain, to rectify; to correct
xǐng (non-classical form) to awake ( from errors, illusions, etc. to come to one's sense, (interchangeable 惺) clever; wise, wavering; indecisive
xǐng xīng chéng jīng wake up; sober up; startle
xǐng to blow the nose with fingers
xǐng a egret-like bird, a kind of water bird