Mandarin Search: yang3

áng yǎng lofty; high; raise; high-priced
yǎng yàng áng raise the head to look; look up to, rely on, admire
yāng yǎng great, expansive; agitated
yǎng dust
yǎng yàng raise, rear, bring up; support
yáng xíang yǎng ocean, sea; foreign; western
ǎng yǎng (ancient form of 養) to offer provision (esp. to one's elders); to feed one's children
yǎng oxygen
yǎng yáng itch
yǎng a kind of bamboo, colorless bamboo, bamboo shoot
yáng yǎng a weevil found in rice, etc.
yǎng to eat to the full; surfeited, well-stacked (figure, etc.); plump
yǎng yāng leather strap over horse's neck
yǎng yàng raise, rear, bring up; support
xìan yàn yǎng yàng corresponding; equivalent, appropriate, to compare the length of two articles
yǎng to encourage; to stimulate; to exhort to action; to encourage by rewards
yàng yǎng waves, ripples, rapids; overflow
yǎng feel like vomiting
yǎng itch