Mandarin Search: yu3

I, me; to give
and; with; to; for; give, grant
(large seal type 宇) a house; a roof, appearance, space; the canopy of heaven, to cover
house; building, structure; eaves
屿 island
humpback; stoop
bend, turn, twist; distort
feather, plume; wings; rad. 124
old woman, hag
(same as 雨) rain, to rain down; to pour down
yǒng kùi moment, instant, short while
rain; rainy; KangXi radical 173
grains producing neither flower nor fruit
language, words; saying, expression
name of a pavilion (Han Dynasty) in today's Henan Province
ōu bend, turn, twist; distort
(non-classical form) mournful; melancholy; distressed; grieved; sad, to fear; fear; dread
legendary hsia dynasty founder
great; big; tall; vast, noble; high in rank, very; much
峿 mountain
gōu to crouch; a hunchback
prison, jail
lot of melons growing but the root is weak and feeble, wearied and worn
tǒng to lead on; to advance, to strike against; to break through
Chinese parasoltree, Sterculia platanifolia
to walk alone; self-reliant
stable, corral, enclosure; frontier, border
(same as 庾)a stack of grain, a measure of 16 dou
(same as 宇) a house; a roof, look; appearance, space
misfit; disordant; music instrument; hoe
(same as 狳) (a variant of 貐) a kind of beast
granary; storehouse
(same as 宇) the canopy of heaven; space, to cover; to shelter
a stack of grain; a measure of 16 dou3
stone resembling jade; agate
name of tree; surname
yùn (same as 俁) of great stature; stalwart, to injure, to grieve
humpback; stoop
public office; official residence
(same as 鬻) to sell; to buy, to nourish
to die in prison from cold and hunger; to treat with cruelty
old woman, hag
and; with; to; for; give, grant
language, words; saying, expression
misfit; disordant; music instrument; hoe
dirty, useless, weak, powerless; cracked, a flaw
uneven teeth; to disagree
respectful; attentive, carefully; cautious; to heed; to be watchful, to rely on; to trust to; to lean towards
ō moan; interjection for pain, sad
(same as 嶼) an island
to rain, to stretch; to open; to r elax; to unfold, slow; unhurried; leisurely
stag; herd
to walk in a composed (comfortable) way, respectful; reverent
unfitted for each other; irregular; unsuitable; not well-matched, a hoe, (same as 鋙) a musical instrument, pewter
uneven teeth; to disagree