Mandarin Search: yu4

wáng wàng king, ruler; royal; surname
and; with; to; for; give, grant
jade, precious stone, gem
drive, ride; manage, control
interjection 'Alas!'; to sigh
writing brush, pencil; thereupon
pen; radical number 129
doctrinaire, abstruse, unrealistic
valley, gorge, ravine
run swiftly
old woman, hag
surfeited, satiated; confer
(same as 雨) rain, to rain down; to pour down
xúe yùe to beat; to strike, to throw; to pitch, to scoop out to dig out
produce, give birth to; educate
hùo or, either, else; perhaps, maybe
rain; rainy; KangXi radical 173
ǒu district; mountain in Zhejiang
bright light, sunlight; dazzling
to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking
flowing of the water
júe (corrupted form of 怴) crazy; mad, anger; angry, idiotic; silly; stupid, ill-will; enmity; animus
prison, jail; case; lawsuit
language, words; saying, expression
sweet smelling, rich in aroma; (Cant.) to move, hit
bathe, wash; bath
to be scattered (over an area); to spread, to give an account of; to explain; to expound, to follow
refined, cultured, polished
valley, ravine
prepare, arrange; in advance
rare treasure
wèi officer, military rank
ground, fertile land
district, region, boundary; land
desire, want, long for; intend
yùan yǔan yǔn yūn yūan pasture, park, garden; mansion
drive, ride; chariot; manage
with great power; vigorous; very strong; with great force, (same as 域) a frontier; a boundary; region, great; big; vast
è yān block, obstruct, stop up
to move the mind; agitated; nervous; to start thinking
chéng (same as 域) boundary; a frontier, a region; a country, (ancient form of 城) a city; a town
proclaim, instruct; edict
offer sacrifice for rain
threshold; separated, confined
chǔ a kind of animal
branch, fork; tray
residence; lodge; dwell
to blow off, to blow; to puff
wèi yùn (a variant of 熨) to iron, an iron for smoothing garments (same as 尉) to still; to quiet, a military official
drive, ride; manage, control
yūan to bear a grudge against
myna; manah; Acridotheres tristis
thorny shrub with yellow flowers; a kind of oak
shū open up, unfold, stretch out; comfortable, easy
júe bore with awl; bright, charming
ǎo lame; crippled
zhōu zhù rice gruel, congee
(Cant.) to move, touch, hit
bright; flame
shù to walk swiftly, (same as 矞) scared; afraid; fearful; frightened
(Cant.) to move, touch, hit
long, a gown; a long dress
metaphor, analogy; example; like
wēi to stew, simmer
prison, jail; case; lawsuit
give birth to; bring up, educate
place in Sichuan
drag-net made of fine mesh
more and more, even more
(non-classical form of 諛) to flatter, flattery
(same as 裕) wealthy; abundance; plenty, generous
meet, come across, encounter
rare treasure
bright, shining, brilliant
prepare, arrange; in advance
(same as 域) a frontier; a boundary; a region; a country, to keep within bounds
surfeited, satiated; confer
yǒu (non-classical form of 栯) a kind of tree, a fruit tree
xúe a typhoon; great gale of wind
fame, reputation; praise
abundant, rich, plentiful
public office; official residence
ào mysterious, obscure, profound
language, words; saying, expression
and; with; to; for; give, grant
wǎn yùan yùn luxuriance of growth
get well, recover
yān to fade; withered or dried leaves; tobacco (used for and )
gūo a fabulous creature like a turtle; a toad
old woman, hag
luxuriant, elegant
hùo to weave silk fabrics with green color for longitude and white for latitude, silk fabrics from Yuyang
(same as 鬻) to sell; to buy, to nourish
(same as ) tools to unreel silk
(same as 罭) a drag-net; a fine net used to catch small fish
to see for a short time
hàn qìa (same as 漢) name of a dynasty, belonging to China, the Milky Way the Han River, (interchangeable 域) a frontier; a boundary; a region; a country, to live; to stay
sound of the water drops, raining, acquired dialects, (interchangeable 羽) feather; plume
curtain on a carriage or car
a poker; brass filings; to file
breeze; light wind
mǐan wèi decorated jade or ornament on a scabbard
(same as 禦御) to forbid to prohibit; to ban, to resist; to sustain; to ward off
lust, desire, passion; appetite
yùn wèi iron, press
júe fareshare reclaimed from river
wèi net
defend, resist, hold out against
(same as 驈) black horse with white thigh
comply with, obey; shun, avoid
(same as 御) to drive; to control; to manage, imperial, to wait on, clean; pure
ào inlet, bay; dock, bank
è yān block, obstruct, stop up, conceal
threshold; separated, confined
ào four walls
place in Sichuan
tǒu proclaim, instruct; edict
ào profound, subtle; warm
relaxed, comfortable, at ease
weapons; arms ( a lance; a spear)
a hole; an opening; a aperture; deep; far and profound
gūo small green frog; cicada
with elegant appearance, with beautiful or gorgeous color; refined, learned and accomplished
snipe, kingfisher
輿 cart, palanquin; public opinion
gúo yellow-faced; emaciated look, (same as 聝) to cut off the ear; to cut off the left ears of the slain; to count the number of enemy troops one killed by the number of the left ears cut from the bodies
yǒu a pheasant-like bird
wèi luxuriant, thick; ornamental
ào warm; warmth
to rain, to stretch; to open; to r elax; to unfold, slow; unhurried; leisurely
chè (same as 鶩) ducks; either wild or tame, a chick, a very young bird -- fledgling
get well, recover
yòu a black ape with long tail, (same as 貁) a kind of animal (of weasel tribe)
shè wán yìng black, dark; deep
a mythical creature said hurl san
mynah bird; Acridotheres tristis
name of a horse, a traveling horse
hùo shè (same as 魊) a cyclone; a whirlwind, a fabulous creature which supposedly hurts human beings by casting sand out of its mouth; ghost
bamboo basket for washing rice, implements used to move the silkworm
the roaring of the wind, cold wind
to eat too much, surfeited; to confer
(same as 纁) light red (same as 黦) yellowish black
fame, reputation; praise
a fence
zhōu zhǔ zhù sell; child, childish; nourish
black horses
shù snipe, kingfisher; Tringa species (various)
a kind of rat-like bird, a vulture or a condor-like bird
eastern jackdaw; Corvus monedula
luxuriant; dense, thick; moody
beg, appeal for help
luxuriant; dense, thick; moody
misty mountain
luxuriant; dense, thick; moody
appeal; request; implore
(Cant.) to smoke, fumigate; to bleach with burning sulfur
fragrant herb; fragrant plant; tulip