Mandarin Search: zhen3

zhěn (same as 鬒)bushy, black hair
zhěn shèn to bale out water, to dip
zhěn examine patient, diagnose
zhěn zhèn pillow
zhēn zhěn zhūn pustules of any kind, a rash or eruption.measles; various kinds of fever
zhěn cross board at rear of carriage
zhěn restraint
zhěn border, boundary; raised path
zhèn zhēn zhěn raise, excite, arouse action
zhěn chèn measles; rash; fever
zhěn tired; exhausted, rugged stone, coarse whetstone, to pile up rocks on the river-bank
zhěn rocks clustered pile up togethers
zhěn tǐan turns or twist; a switch
zhěn zhēn unlined garments; hem of garment
zhěn bright; light, clear, (same as 瞇) to close the eyes; to narrow the eyes
rèn zhěn (non-classical form of 瞋) angry; anger, complaining; grudging, wide open the eyes, depressed; melancholy, to look at, to confuse, confused vision
zhěn examine patient, diagnose
zhěn cross board at rear of carriage
zhěn to pound rocks to pieces, (same as 抌) to strike; to strike with the fist
zhěn the occiput, or occipital bone, to hang down one's head, ugly, silly; foolish; stupid; idiotic; crazy; insane
zhēn zhěn detailed, fine; closely woven
zhěn to deal with affairs cautiously, head with less hair, ashamed; humiliated
chēn zhěn zhēn detailed, fine; closely woven
hòu tǒu zhěn sound of carts or stones (big things) knocking together, cross-bar in the rear of a carriage
zhěn black, glossy hair
cúo cùo zhěn to grind barley
zhěn to bow; to lower the head in shame, long and sharp of the head, weak and dull
zhěn young girl's hair style