Mandarin Search: zhong4

zhōng zhòng central; center, middle; in the midst of; hit (target); attain
zhòng (standard form of 眾) all; the whole of; a multitude, a crowd (three or more)
zhòng multitude, crowd; masses, public
zhòng middle brother; go between, mediator; surname
zhòng stand side by side
zhòng pekinese dog, lap dog, pug; pup
zhòng zhòu mind; disposition; temper
zhòng chóng tóng heavy, weighty; double
zhǒng chóng zhòng seed; race, breed; to plant
zhōng zhòng heart, from bottom of one's heart
zhòng masses, people, multitude, crowd
zhòng dòng muddy, turbid; milk
zhòng multitude, crowd; masses, public
zhǒng zhòng chóng seed; race; offspring; to plant
zhǒng zhòng heel; follow; visit, call on
tóng zhòng rice
tóng zhòng a pheasant-like bird with black and body and red feet, a kind of bird, (same as 蟂) an otter-like animal
zhòng (same as 鮦 鯉 鱧) a kind of fish; black fish