Mandarin Search: an

chǎng hàn ān factory, workshop; radical 27
广 yǎn ān gǔang wide, extensive, broad; rad. 53
ān peaceful, tranquil, quiet
àn hān án jìan a wild dog, a not very large lock-up
àn to desist an ox (止牛)
yīn yìn ān 'female' principle; dark; secret
àn (a variant of 岸) shore; bank; beach; coast
àn bank, shore; beach, coast
àn put hand on, press down with hand
ǎn personal pronoun, I
ān ammonia; hydrogen nitride
àn table, bench; legal case
è àn amine
àn hàn prison; a kind of wild dog
ān Buddhist monastery or nunnery
ān small box or case; casket
àn to husk rice; to get the grains by oppressing the ears of the rice plant
ǎn cover with earth; a pit; a hole
ān versed in, fully acquainted with
ǎn used in Buddhist texts to transliterate non-Chinese sounds; to eat with the hand
ān ammonium
yīn yìn ān 'female' principle; dark; secret
yān ā āng ān salt, pickle; be dirty
hān àn large face, flat face; stupid
ān undecided
ǎn to cover (with the hand)
yīn ān yìn shady, secret, dark; mysterious; cold; the negative of female principle in nature
án (Cant.) to speak
àn dark; obscure; in secret, covert
ān yàn quail; Coturnix coturnix
ǎn to plough the fields
qían ān pincers, pliers, tongs
ǎn eyes, closed eyes
ǎn (same as 馣) sweet-smelling, tasty; delicious, to farm; to cultivate the land, luxuriant or exuberant of growing rice, grains;; rice plants producing no fruit, to fertilize, the grains not growing; shriveled rice plants
ǎn ān ammonium
àn to plough and sow, to farm
àn hán young birds flying
ān ǎn small Buddhist monastery
ǎn àn to cherish anger, hard to understand, pretty, dignified; solemn, to make sheep eyes or passes; to converse with eyes
nǎn án immature locusts
ān saddle; any saddle-shaped object
ān cottage
ān lid of a caldron; Buddhist cloister
ān tǒu versed in, fully acquainted with
àn ān yǎn close, shut; dark, dismal
àn yǎn anglerfish
àn yǎn (same as 魘) nightmare
àn ǎng hurricane; gale; cyclone
àn nìu yàn white from forehead to lips of a horse, reddish of a horse head, horse head
ān yàn quail; Coturnix coturnix
àn blackhead
àn ān dark, black; sullen, dreary
àn with a high skull, dried meat strips