Mandarin Search: ang

áng yǎng lofty; high; raise; high-priced
yǎng yàng áng raise the head to look; look up to, rely on, admire
áng rise, raise; proud, bold; upright
háng gāng āng kǎng dirty
áng rise
áng to lift up the eyes and look around
áng yìng sweet flag; the calamus; its leaves are hung on the door lintels on the 5th of the5th lunar month, to avert evil influences
ǎng yǎng (ancient form of 養) to offer provision (esp. to one's elders); to feed one's children
àng póu (same as 盎) a basin; pot; bowl or dish, sleek; well-favoured, abundant, a musical instrument
àng cup; pot; bowl; abundant
yān ā āng ān salt, pickle; be dirty
㭿 áng oblique angle, a post to tie cattle and horses to
áng clogs; pattens, (same as 硬) hard; strong; sturdy; firm
àng yáng yǐng a spear; a lance; a javelin, a battle-axe; a halberd
áng a horse to raise its head high, (same as 񄭹) movement of a horse, an angry horse, a scared horse
áng movement of a horse, a horse with enormous speed and staying power, a horse with white abdominal region
āng kǎng dirty
àn ǎng hurricane; gale; cyclone