Mandarin Search: bang

fǎng bǎng spin, reel, weave; reeled pongee
bāng nation, country, state
bǎng péng great strength; great power
bàng běng a kind of gem inferior to jade
bìng bàng equal to; side by side; also, what is more; both
bàng (same as 棒) a club; a stick, to hit with a club, good; strong; wonderful
bàng péi rocky (same as 玤) fine stone which is little less valuable than jade (interchangeable 崩) to collapse; to fall
bǎng bind, tie, fasten
bàng bèng fēng oysters, mussels; mother-of-pearl
bìng bàng to combine, annex; also, what's more
bāng bīn creek, stream; beach, sea coast
fǎng bǎng fàng spin, reel, weave; reeled pongee
páng bàng side; by side, close by, near
péng bēng bàng bǎng to propel a boat; to beat
bāng help, assist; defend; shoe upper
bāng watchman's rattle
běng bàng (Cant.) classifier for walls
bàng (same as 蚌) oyster
bàng stick, club, truncheon; hit
pǒu bàng bèi hit, strike
bàng slander, libel
bǎng péng (non-classical form of 榜) publicly posted roll of successful examinees
bàng páng by side of, beside, near, close
bāng help, assist; defend; shoe upper
bèng bàng péng pole; beat
bǎng bind, tie, fasten
bàng pèi pén scab over a sore, scar of an ulcer, weak; feeble
bàng (same as 傍) beside; by the side of; near; close, sound of vehicles; wheels
bàng flat bank, plateau
bǎng bàng pāng páng pǎng upper arm; shoulder; wing
bǎng bèi pèi walk slowly because of the wrong position of the feet, (same as 狽) a kind of wolf with shorter forelegs, lame; crippled
bàng póu agricultural implements; farm tools ( a plough; a ploughshare), to till; to plough
bǎng bàng bēng páng placard; list of successful exam candidates
bǎng tablet; public notice; register
bàng a fish, (same as 蚌) oyster, a kind of clam, a pretty pearl
bāng help, assist; defend; shoe upper
bàng household registers, printing plate, supporting boards used in building walls, (non-classical form 棓) to strike, a flail, a club, planks
bàng pound sterling
bàng pàng páng pāng pound; weigh
páng bǎng crab
bàng páng burdock, herb
bàng two boats fastened side by side
bǎng thick, rough serge from Tibet
bàng slander, libel
bāng to help, assist; to defend; shoe upper
bàng pāng pound sterling; to scrape
páng bǎng the pelvis, the hip-bone; the humerus; a wing