Mandarin Search: bei

bèi sea shell; money, currency
běi bèi north; northern; northward
bèi sea shell; money, currency
bìng bèi fèi sound of flying or speeding
bèi comet
bài bei final particle of assertion
bèi a legendary animal with short forelegs which rode a wolf
bèi prepare, ready, perfect
bēi humble, low, inferior; despise
bèi uproot, pull out
fèi bèi wood shavings
bēi cup, glass
bēi waves, breakers; undulations
bēi dam, embankment; reservoir
bèi place in today's Henan province
bèi fèi pèi a two-years-old ox, ox with a long body, ox with long and big feet
bēi glass, cup
bèi barium
bèi bēi back; back side; behind; betray
bèi a legendary animal with short forelegs which rode a wolf
běi to depend on
bèi bèng used in girl's name
bèi times, fold, multiple times
bèi to prepare; to provide; to put in order; to complete perfection; completeness
bèi be contradictory to, go counter
bài bei final particle of assertion pathaka
bēi a low-built house
bèi passive indicator 'by'; bedding
pái pǎi bèi row, rank, line
bēi add, increase, attach; low fence
bēi cup, glass, tumbler
bèi a palm-tree
bèi prepare, ready, perfect
bèi not facing; desert
bèi name of a person
bèi a two-years-old ox, ox with long and big feet
bèi a small melon
bèi tired, weary, fatigued
pǒu bàng bèi hit, strike
bēi oval
bèi dry over slow fire; bake; roast
bēi carry things on one's back
bèi necklace
bèi go by foot; epilogue, colophon
bèi to harness a horse a board in front of a carriage for the driver to lean on
bèi prepare, ready, perfect
bèi a row of carriages; a generation; a class, a series a kind; denotes the plural
bèi generation, lifetime; class
bēi sorrow, grief; sorry, sad
bèi měng mèng rage; anger, to cast an angry look; to give the black looks
bèi péi suburb
bēi stone tablet; gravestone
bēi paralysis, numbness
bèi prepared
bèi to equipt a bow with silk and muscular fibre
bèi (same as 琲) a string of pearls; 500 beads
bēi bird
ái bèi jìan shǎn shèn get the unborn baby goat by killng the mother goat
fēi fěi pèi bèi cockroach
bèi herb, aromatic plant
bèi obstinate; disorderly; perverse
bèi cross-beam of a bed, window, a mould; a pattern
bǎng bèi pèi walk slowly because of the wrong position of the feet, (same as 狽) a kind of wolf with shorter forelegs, lame; crippled
bèi fàn fèi (abbreviated form 癈) incurable disease
bēi the castor-oil plant also used for other plants
bèi barium
bèi (same as 褙) cloth or paper pasted together; pasteboard; to mount (paintings or calligraphics works), short clothes
bèi paper or cloth pasted together
bèi generation, lifetime; class
bèi grapes
bèi the globefish; flowfish; puffer
bèi bud
bèi tired, weary, fatigued
bèi food for a journey; cakes
bèi to dry or warm ( grains) near a fire
bèi páng páo urgent; hurriedly
bei bèi arm
bèi name of a variety of grass
pái bēi bamboo raft
bèi (same as ) an instrument to blow a fire; a bellows for forge, etc.
bèi bài saddle up horse; drive horse
bēi Pycnonotus species (various)
bèi vehicles and garments (commonloy used in feudal times to reward vassals), covering on the crossbar at the ends of carriage poles, crank axle of a shade
bèi (said of flow of water) swift and torrential, name of a stream