Mandarin Search: bi

𡚁 used-up, malpractices; (Cant.) bad, vile, corrupt
spoon, ladle; knife, dirk
surely, most certainly; must
to compare, liken; comparison; than
currency, coins, legal tender
ripped; split
end, finish, conclude; completed
shut, close; obstruct, block up
one's deceased mother
cover, shield, shelter, protect
name of a river
argue; biased; one-sided
to compare; to match; to equal
ào (same as 咬) to bark as a dog, obscene expressions, an interjection; implying surprise
to mate; to pair
kernel, seed; enjoy, feast [?]
head sores
spoiled silk; hem of dress; mista
shake off, brush away; dust
féi fat, plump, obese; fertile
(Cant.) vulgar, abusive term for female sex organ, cunt
that, there, those
the vagina
fragrant; (Cant.) to eject
spread out; smilling or laughing
clothes; wear, dress
bēi dam, embankment; reservoir
to give a playful blow, to strike against, to wring; to wrench; to twist, to turn for the better
to give to; to confer on
húan to stretch a bow, the bow decorated with colorful silk and leather, bent; curved
ragged clothing, ragged; old and wear out
(same as 胚) an embryo; a foetus a month old
to close; to stop up; to obstruct
to give
bēi waves, breakers; undulations
to seep out, excrete
good-looking; name of a place
empty grain or rice husk, chaff
to offer small pig as sacrifice when warship god of life
to split tangled hemp
meat, rough; cracked skin
(non-classical form of 弼) device for regulating bows; bow regulator, to correct, to assist; to aid
a kind of wine
bēn féi fén fèn forge ahead; energetic; surname
used in transliterations
fèi expenses, expenditures, fee
guard against, take care; caution
chǐ spoiled silk; hem of dress
a kind of tapir; a fierce beast depicted on the door of prisons
so that, in order that; cause
bíe secret, mysterious, abstruse
writing brush; write; stroke
empty husks of grain
rice plant growing the second time, the ear of grain (corn, millet etc.) growing upward
(ancient form of 弼) device for regulating bows; bow regulator, to correct, to assist; to aid, to dust, to shake; to brush
steps leading throne; throne
mussels; various shellfish
below; under; low, (same as 陛) the steps to the throne, to ascend steps
to look steadily at, ashamed, to look at ferocious
kill; die violent death
the sleeve
to band together; to twist; to wring and to disperse fiber then to make thin silk, cloth, cotton-yarn or rope
bēi a low-built house
shut, close; obstruct, block up
a parapet on a city wall
shut, close; obstruct, block up
piǎo to starve to death
(corrupted form) to look straight forward, ashamed, to look in a mean way
bèi passive indicator 'by'; bedding
the stomach; gizzard (of birds and fowls), (same as 髀) buttocks, thigh
compel, pressure, force; bother
servant girl; your servant
a kind of bee; black bee
bēi add, increase, attach; low fence
smell, fragrance, aroma
end, finish, conclude; completed
è lǜe incisive, (the large seal type 籀) to brand criminals on the face, to rob; to plunder, an edge, a two-edged weapon; a sword
(same as 滭) bubbling of fountain; copious of spring (same as 淢) swift currents (interchangeable 洫) a ditch; a moat, to overflow
bǎng péng (non-classical form of 榜) publicly posted roll of successful examinees
(interchangeable 捭) to ruin; to destroy; to break down, sound of beating or striking
bathroom; neat; orderly
fèi two brindled cows to plough face to each other, to cultivate; to plant after the second time of ploughing; (Cant.) to push lightly, flick off
writing brush; write; stroke
wicker, bamboo
bēn féi fén fèn forge ahead; energetic; surname
fèi expenses, expenditures, fee
argue; biased; one-sided
sincere, honest; depressed
obstinate, stubborn, headstrong
aid, assist, help; correct
break, destroy; broken, tattered
species of bean; piper longtum
pái spleen, pancreas; disposition
water chestnut
paralysis, numbness
bēi paralysis, numbness
compel, pressure, force; bother
hide, keep secret; hideaway
look askance at, glare at
law, rule; open up, develop
clear way, make room for; emp
to look around, look askance
curtain for carriage
bíe in ancient times; to separated (to rip of; to cut open) the contract or agreement on slips of bamboo and give to both parties as evidence
bíe bitterly cold, cold wind; the north wind
dry by fire; iron
bèi měng mèng rage; anger, to cast an angry look; to give the black looks
xǐan xìan (same as 限) a threshold; door-sill
bēi the castor-oil plant also used for other plants
breeze; light wind, cold or flu
the small beam supporting the rafters at the eaves
fine-toothed comb; comb hair
something made of bamboo put in the bow case to pretect from damage
nose; first; KangXi radical 209
mean; low
jade; green, blue
aid, benefit, help; supplement
leather belt used to bind or restrain a cart, (same as 轡) reins and bit; a bridle
used in transliterations
the first son; a dog's first pup
㮿 a tree
(same as ancient form of 珌) a gem or ornament on a scabbard
bell shaped with large base, (ancient form of 髀) buttocks, hipbone; innominate bone; (Cant.) to stagger
(same as 梐) a stockade; a cheval de frise, a pen; a cage
ba bǎi cease, finish, stop; give up
to finish; concluded
evil, wrong, bad; criminal
strong horse
currency, coins, legal tender
a wig
bèi to dry or warm ( grains) near a fire
tartar horn; chilly wind
castor-oil plant, Ricinus commumis
a jade tube with white and nature colors, jade with the colour of nature (green; blue; black), sapphire
a tick, mite
(a variant) water currents; flow water
favorite; a minion
fine-toothed comb; comb hair
partition wall; walls of a house
piece of jade with hole in it
avoid; turn aside; escape; hide
a dry land in a river; an islet, tributary stream; an affluent stream
bíe to exhaust; extreme; highest; farthest, to die
bǐng sheath
(same as 髀) buttocks, hipbone; innominate bone
bei bèi arm
wicker, bamboo
species of bean; piper longtum
áo ào gizzard, to store up meat, the five lowest pieces of bone of the spinal column
pīe take fleeting glance at
buttocks; thigh, thigh bone
kill; die violent death
(same as 屁) a fart; to break wind
cover, hide, conceal; shelter
fragrance, scent, aroma
plowshare; barb, lancet
clear way, make room for; emp
to keep persons off the route of the emperor, when on tour, imperial halting-place, worship of the kitchen god (performed on the 23rd day of the 12th moon)
(same as 睥) to look askance -- a expression of disdain or despise
a kind of fishing-net
a supernatural horse, (same as 駜) a strong; husky horse, (same as 駁) color of a horse, variegated; parti-colored, mixed; impure
to weave silk ribbons, (interchangeable 澼) to wash; to launder
fold, pleat, crease
bài evergreen shrubs, ligusticum
jewelry; ornaments; trinkets (for the forehead of a woman)
the roaring of the wind, cold wind
(same as 鷩) a kind of pheasant
leather arm guard
cripple, lame
used in transliterating Buddhist books
bīe chǎng pheasant
nìe stump, sprout
fèng pěng (same as 麷) to boil or stew wheat, to simmer ferment for brewing, (interchangeable 豐) various kinds of rush from which mats, bags, etc. are made; vines of the rushes
Podiceps ruficolus (a kind of duck)