Mandarin Search: bie

𢠳 bīe irritable, surly; sad
bíe bìe separate, other; do not
bíe separate, other; do not
bìe fat meat, big; large
bíe secret, mysterious, abstruse
bìe (same as 彆) awkward, unfavourable, unsuitable, not smooth
bíe bitterly cold, cold wind; the north wind
bìan bíe hair knots in a mess
bíe in ancient times; to separated (to rip of; to cut open) the contract or agreement on slips of bamboo and give to both parties as evidence
bìe to twist ropes, a belt or string to hold the bow, to tie; to bind, the cart turning back to the left, to draw or pull (of a cart), to mourn
pīe bǐe bīe shrivelled up, dried up; vexed
bìe awkward
ào bíe jealous; to envy; jealously
bīe to suppress inner feelings; hasty
bíe a little; slightly sweet-smelling
bíe to exhaust; extreme; highest; farthest, to die
bíe to limp
bīe turtle
bíe (same as 蹩) to limp; lame
bǐe pīe bīe shrivelled up, dried up; vexed
bīe turtle
bīe chǎng pheasant
bìe thin and flat slips of bamboo used for weaving purpose
bīe a fresh-water turtle, Trionyx sinensis
bǐe (non-classical form of 癟) shrivelled up; empty; limp; flat; not full; sunken
bīe turtle