Mandarin Search: bing

bīng ice; KangXi radical 15
bǐng third; 3rd heavenly stem
bīng ice, frost, icicles; cold
bīng níng ice; ice-cold
bīng soldier, troops
bìng bèi fèi sound of flying or speeding
fāng bìng sandalwood; tree used as timber
bǐng (Cant.) to beat
bǐng grasp, hold; bundle; authority
bǐng be anxious, be grieved, be sad
bìng bīng combine
bìng bīng combine, annex; also, what's more
bǐng name of a city in the ancient state of Song, in what is now Shandong; pleased
bìng combine, annex
bìng bàng equal to; side by side; also, what is more; both
bǐng bìng handle, lever, knob; authority
bǐng bright, luminous; glorious
bǐng rice-cakes, biscuits
bǐng bright, glorious; brilliant
bǐng bright, luminous; glorious
píng bǐng bìng folding screen, shield
bīng bēn hemp palm
bǐng (Cant.) to hide things, to conceal
bìng bàng to combine, annex; also, what's more
bìng combine
bìng illness, sickness, disease
bīng bīn the areca-nut; the betel-nut
bǐng to tie; to knot, to join
bǐng (same as ) to hold in the hand
bǐng bright; shining, splendid
bīng quiver; (Cant.) to pull on something
píng bǐng bìng bīng folding screen
bèng bǐng pēng gush out; burst forth; split
bīng bēng to baste for sewing; to connect
pín bǐng type of pearl; scabbard
bìng drowsy
bìng handle, lever, knob; authority
bǐng lǐn report to, petition
gěng bǐng well rope
bǐng bǐn lǐn report to, petition
bìng expel, cast off; arrange
bīn bīng betel-nut, areca nut
bìng píng a kind of bamboo
bìng a kind of clam; long and narrow
bǐng plate; (Cant.) a penny
lǐn bǐng lǎn granary; stockpile
bǐng sheath
bǐng rice-cakes, biscuits
bǐng zhúo (same as 餅) cakes; biscuits; pastry
bǐng rice-cakes, biscuits
bīn bīng betel-nut, areca nut
xǐan bìng fire; wild fires