Mandarin Search: bo

bái white; pure, unblemished; bright
legs; KangXi radical 105
issue, dispatch, send out; hair
bǎi one hundred; numerous, many
varicolored, variegated; mixed
bèi comet
bǎi older brother; father's elder brother; senior male 'sire'; feudal rank 'count'
lùo river in Shandong province
bǎi hundred
pour, splash, water, sprinkle
bēi waves, breakers; undulations
anchor vessel; lie at anchor
(Cant.) classifier for soft masses
pāi clap, tap, beat; beat or rhythm
silks, fabrics; wealth, property
move; dispel; distribute
qìan (non-classical form of 跛)lame; crippled
běng pěng insincere and cunning person; a pretentious person
bǎi cypress, cedar
to rip open the flesh, to break; to snap
suddenly, sudden, quick
(non-classical form of 勃) sudden; suddenly; quick; to change as the countenance
name of district in Anhui; capital of Yin
platinum; thin sheet of metal
bèi be contradictory to, go counter
mountain; hill
bāo peel, peel off, to shell, strip
bāo peel
nìe to spit out; to blame, name of an organic compounds
bǎi cypress, cedar
earthenware basin; alms bowl
(same as 衭) the lapel or collar of a garment or robe, drawers, (dialect) trousers or pants
fèi to castrate, a ram or he-goat, last name
(Cant.) port (Eng. loan-word), 西矺 a sideboard (Eng. loan-word)
bān pán bǎn sort, manner, kind, category
báo the bottle-gourd
burst forth; rise; vigorous
bào zhī zhúo páo noise of tramping feet
overgrown with grass, weedy
greave; knee-pads; buskins
bǎi bricks of the well; brick wall of a well, to build a well, to construct with bricks
earthenware basin; alms bowl
large, ocean-going vessel
pèi the countenance changing
bèi a small melon
㶿 the smoke went up; giving forth smoke; smoking; misty
zhùo to mix; to blend, to display in neat rows; to place in order
(same as 勃) suddenly, to change, as the countenance, a kind of animal (interchangeable 悖) perverse; contrary to what is right, to rebel
a cow; female of an animal
báo (same as 雹) hail; hailstone
swelling; the Gulf of Hopei (Hebei)
pǎo páo run, flee, leave in hurry
fān pān fán pán to take turns; a turn, a time; to repeat
issue, dispatch, send out, emit
yúan (non-classical of 跋) to walk; to travel, the heel
species of pigeon
gamble, play games; wide, broad
rice cake
water chestnut
earthenware basin; alms bowl (Sanskrit paatra)
platinum; thin sheet of metal
gamble, play games; wide, broad
big, great, vast, wide; widespread
báo hail
to bite the hard and solid food
fish name
(same as 餺) a kind of cooked noodle
seize; spring upon; strike
issue, dispatch, send out, emit
spinach and similar greens
(same as 馞) strong sweet smell; strong fragrance
fierce; cruel, sudden, a scorching heat
bèi herb, aromatic plant
reed screen; frame for growing silkworms
(same as 渤) (of water) swelling or rising; an inland sea among today's Liaoning, Hebei and Shandong Provinces
ancient aboriginal tribe
varicolored, variegated; mixed; contradict, argue; suddenly
lìe shoulders, upper arms
bèi obstinate; disorderly; perverse
bàng a fish, (same as 蚌) oyster, a kind of clam, a pretty pearl
tùo vigor; body; dark part of moon
horse with long hair
bào violent, brutal, tyrannical
sow, spread; broadcast; case away, reject
move; dispel; distribute; plectrum, play stringed instrument
pour, splash, water, sprinkle; violent, malignant
pān pán fān pàn surname; water in which rice has been rinsed; a river that flows into the Han
the shoulder blade; scapula
pòu to stumble and fall prone stiff in death
fèi (same as 踣) to stumble and fall
a kind of animal; with a horse shape; the tail of an ox and with only one horn
Boshan, mountain in Shaanxi
large bell; hoe, spade
type of rush; vine
the bonito
a kind of fierce animal; join; argue; transfer; piebald horse, variegated
stiff, hard clay or rocky strata; crack in a jar
bǐn yúan a wild duck-like water bird, a pheasant like bird
cùi jiǎo qían (non-classical form of 橇) a sledge for transportation over mud or snow
sound of pressing something down
ferrule; cakes, biscuits
short sleeves shirt, clothes that have no lining, (same as 薄) thin; light; slight
péi (same as 䪹) chin; the jaws; the cheeks
eggs of mantis; chrysalis
a legendary goat-like animal with 4 ears and 9 tails
fully laden of a boat, name of a ship
bo radish; other root vegetables
bào (non-classical form 墣) a clod of earth; a lump of earth; a lump
pán a tributary of the Wei river in Shanxi
thumb; break, tear open, rip
species of pigeon
(standard form) a collar, the neck, to connect collars to the clothes
lùo river in Shandong province
to strike; to beat; to knock; to stone (to throw stone and hit someone); sound of hitting something
to keep persons off the route of the emperor, when on tour, imperial halting-place, worship of the kitchen god (performed on the 23rd day of the 12th moon)
large bell; hoe, spade
bào waterfall, cascade; heavy rain
fán fān foreign things
rice cake
báo thin, slight, weak; poor, stingy
jiǎo xiào (non-classical form of 攪) to disturb or to agitate; to bother; to trouble, to stir; to churn; to mix evenly by stirring
a kind of fishing-net
bào crackle, pop, burst, explode
簿 register, account book, notebook
fill, extend
bài evergreen shrubs, ligusticum
shoulder blade
hair, sparse hair
a kind of weapon carried by the honor guard before the Emperor in ancient times
fill, extend
collar; to expose
(interchangeable 鎛) a musical instrument in old times, a large bell suspended from a frame; a kind of ancient bell, a variety of hoe
nìe stump, sprout
stump, sprout
a kind of rat, known together as the kangaroo
cushioned seat on a vehicle, a leather wrapped collar or yoke of a carriage
fèng pěng (same as 麷) to boil or stew wheat, to simmer ferment for brewing, (interchangeable 豐) various kinds of rush from which mats, bags, etc. are made; vines of the rushes
cakes; biscuits; pastry, (same as 餺) cooked food made of rice flour