Mandarin Search: cao

chè cǎo sprout; KangXi radical 45
cǎo zào grass; KangXi radical 140
cǎo (non-classical form of 艸) grass; straw; herbs; weeds
cào copulate
cáo ministry officials; surname
zào cào cāo construct, build, make, begin; prepare
cǎo zào grass, straw, thatch, herbs
sāo cǎo agitated
zāo cáo finish, to go around
cáo noisy
zào cào sincere, earnest
cáo cào transport by water; canal transportation
cáo exquisite; fine
cáo crisp, brittle, light, sound from the abdomen
cáo zāo trough; manger; vat, tank; groove; a distillery
zǎo cāo wash, bathe
cāo cào conduct, run, control, manage
cǎo anxious, apprehensive
cáo zhá (same as 曹) a Chinese family name, surrounded, a whole day; a revolution of the sun
càn cào connected banks of earth or paths in the field
cáo to worship the god (of the hog; pig), blessed; bliss; divine help, to protect; to defend
cáo grubs in fruit
cáo ship
cáo chùa qiáo buzzing in the ears; tinnitus aurium
cāo coarse, harsh, rough, unpolished rice
cào zào (same as 造) to build; to make; to do, to arrive at; to go to
cǎo the female of certain animals such as horses, a mare