Mandarin Search: cha

chā chá chǎ chà chāi cha crotch; fork, prong
zhà chà zhā shout, roar, bellow; scold
chà a branching stream
chà do not care; unmindful of
chā zhǎ pick up with fork or pincers
chá (non-classical form of 舉) to lift; to raise; to commend; to praise, entire; whole
chā collect, draw in, gather; receive
chà diverge, branch off; fork in road
chā chà fork of a tree; a pitchfork
chà shā temple, shrine, monastary
chà disappointed, forlorn
chà be surprised, be shocked
chá zhā investigate, examine, seek into
chà shā temple
chà chǎ the open seam of a garment which allows freedom of movement
zhà chà zhā scold, bellow, shout at, roar
chà disappointed; to fail in attaining one's purpose; to be disappointed in attaining the ambitions, to be surprised; to be amazed; to marvel, to think; to consider; to ponder; to contemplate, to expect or hope with eagerness, a credit, straightforward; faith
chá zhā investigate, examine, seek into
chā to separate the grain from the husk
chá small mound; place name; hillock
chà beautiful, colorful; girl
chà chāi to differ; different, wrong; nearly, almost; an officer
chā zhǎ insert, stick into; plant
zhà chá zhǎ scrofulous swellings and sores, mumps
chà to step upon; to tread upon; to trample, a path branching out from the main road; a diverging road
chá shí (same as 旗) a flag; a pennant; a banner; a streamer, a sign
chá a room with open space, an old county near today's Shandong Province Yunchengxian
chá zhà zhé something in the cave
chá zhǎ jīe bāo xíe sackcloth; female hemp plant
chāi chā ornamental hairpin
chá tea
chā insert
chí chá harvest
chā insert, stick into; plant
chā chāi strong and pliable, resilient
chá name of a mountain; (Cant.) to obstruct
chà an abnomal unborn baby
chà zhái zhé hide; conceal, a house not so high
zhā chā whispering
chà to brag; exaggerated; to wonder at
chá shū bitter vegetable
chá to examine into judicially to find out
chǐ chā chuāi to thump
chá smear; rub, wipe; anoint
zhā chá chā a raft, to hew, to fell trees
chā (Cant.) imperative final particle
chá chā zhā raft; time, occasion; to hew
chá spade, shovel; marking pin
chá examine, investigate; notice
chá an almost collapsing house
zhà chà wax; candle; waxy, glazed; maggot; as a non-simplified form sometimes used as an equivalent to (䄍), meaning imperial harvest
chá dài tǔo a legendary bird
chà weed or grass with narrow thick glades (as bamboo); water-pepper group
chá zhā zhǎ chā chipped edge of a container
chá dúo (interchangeable 差) wrong; mistaken; erroneous, disorderly; untidy; irregular
chā raft; boat; skiff
chǎ to tread on, walk through
chá chā spade, shovel; marking pin
chá sassafras tzumu
chǎ cymbals
chà name of a variety of grain, hollyhock; the mallow; root and flower can be used as medicine to neutralize poison; antiphretic (febrifuge)
chǎ cúo fine hair, hairy
chá chùi name of a variety of grass; poisonous; used to kill fishes, valueless things; insignificant things
chá sharp teeth; to break something hard like a knife, sand (in food), ugly