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chè cǎo sprout; KangXi radical 45
chē cart, vehicle; carry in cart
chǐ chě Chinese measure approx. 'foot'
chí túo chè pool, pond; moat; cistern
chě rip up, tear down; raise; haul
chē cart, vehicle; carry in cart
chè penetrate, pervade; penetrating
chāi chè to break up, split apart, rip open; to destroy
chè split, tear, open
tīe chè whisper; lick, taste; petty
chē rickshaw, cart, vehicle; name of piece in Chinese chess
chè made
chē giant clam, tridacna gigas
chè cracks; creases; wrinkles; rumples on the skin; surname; (Cant.) hoarse
chē (Cant.) interjection
chè chí (same as 匙) a spoon, a key
chè chì a little angry
chě rip up, tear down; raise; haul
chē giant clam, Tridacna gigas
chě to resist; to hold out, angry, to break up; to split, half step, evil; wicked; mean; vicious
zhān chè garrulous to whisper. to joke
chè drag, pull; hinder by pulling back
chě zhèn to beat; to strike; to attach
chè (corrupted form) to leak out; to ejaculate, to scatter; to disperse; to vent
chè máng shé tán tùo zùi name of a stream
chě shéng xǐng zhè (non-classical form of 繩) a rope; a cord, to restrain, to rectify; to correct
chè zhái zhào (same as 棹 櫂) to row a boat, an oar, a scull, a boat
chě rip up, tear down; raise; haul
chè thoroughly, completely
chě chè not clear; not pure
chè omit; remove; withdraw
chè penetrate, pervade; penetrating
chè shǎn (corrupted form of 詀) garrulous, to whisper, to joke
chè zhé wagon ruts, wheel tracks
chè light; bright, clear
chè chèng moistened eyes, to stare in anger or contempt
chè the buckthorn or jujube (tree); dates
cén chè shè cooked or well-done; prepared or processed, to brew wine and store up for a long time, (interchangeable 酖) addicted to alcoholic drinks; to be imbibed or to indulge in (vices, etc.), to be infatuated with to be a slav e of
chè horn, jewelry; ornaments used for woman in old days, an eyelet for the hook of a leather belt, a second for childhood
chè (same as 鶩) ducks; either wild or tame, a chick, a very young bird -- fledgling
chè name of a ship, a sailing boat
chè zhé wagon ruts, wheel tracks
chě chǐ ugly; repulsive, mountain ghosts
chè zhì language of the savage or barbarian
chè yǎn to take, to select, to get angry; to lose the temper