Mandarin Search: chong

𧘂 chōng chòng to rush at, dash against
𢥞 chōng same as 忡; a sad, uneasy countenance
𠖥 chǒng kindness, grace, esteem
chōng fill, be full, supply
chóng hǔi insects, worms; KangXi radical 142
chōng soar; pour boiling water over
chōng a sad, uneasy countenance
chōng pour, infuse, steep; wash away
chóng (corrupted form of 虫 蟲) insects; worms
chǒng favorite, concubine; favor
zhòng chóng tóng heavy, weighty; double
chòng (non-classical form) to jump; to leap; to bounce; (in general) get angry and leave away, to bump; (Cant.) to poke, jab
zhǒng chóng zhòng seed; race, breed; to plant
zhōng chōng small cup or bowl
chōng chóng fly upward
yǒng chōng surge up, bubble up, gush forth
zhūang chōng stake, post; affair, matter
chōng chūang zhōng grind in mortar
chóng esteem, honor, revere, venerate
chòng ancient weapon, blunderbuss
chóng jǐan cocoon; callus, blister
chòng to push in or poke out; a punch; (Cant.) to collide
tóng dòng chóng ketones
chóng a kind of farm tool; iron spade; spade
chòng ancient weapon, blunderbuss
zhǒng zhòng chóng seed; race; offspring; to plant
chōng pound; strike against; ram; (Cant.) to hit with the elbow
chōng chòng rush against, charge ahead
chóng zhòu to tow a boat against the current in swift stream from the bank; to track a boat in the shallow area
zhūang chōng stake, post; affair, matter
tóng chōng zhōng high, lofty; damp
chōng foolish, stupid, dull, silly
chōng irresolute, indecisive; yearn for
chúang chōng tóng tree
罿 tóng chōng net catch birds
tóng chōng zhùang ancient warship
chóng worms; insects
chǒng favorite, concubine; favor
chóng chǒng a kind of bird, small bird flying, a general name of small birds
chóng straight; right; just, straight-forward, uninterrupted