Mandarin Search: chu

𦷝 chú to cut grass; hay
chù to take small steps; Korean place name
chǔ chù place, locale; department
chū go out, send out; stand; produce
chú mow, cut grass; hay, fodder
chù chǔ place, locale; department
chū go out
chù (same as 黜) to degrade; to dismiss, to reject; to dispel
chū beginning, initial, primary
zhúo chù sew, stitch; insufficient
chǔ pestle; baton used beat clothes
chù fear, be afraid; shy, timid
chù zhòu (simplified form of 㥮) obstinate; stubborn; opinionated; obstinacy; stubornness; intransigent, truculent; savage, ferocious; fierce
chù melancholoy; grievous; mournful; sad, anxious and fearful, extremely sad
chù a shackled pig
chǔ (same as 處) to dwell; to abide in; to stay on; to be at rest in; to occupy, a place; an office; a department
chù chǔ place, locale; department
zhù zhòu chù pray for happiness or blessings
chù start, begin; beginning; arrange
chú mow, cut grass; hay, fodder
chù livestock, domestic animals
chú zhù shū eliminate, remove, except
chǔ foundation stone, plinth
chù zhúo sew, stitch; insufficient
shú shū chù good, pure, virtuous, charming
chù the cattle and horses trampled on the field
chǔ a kind of animal
chú kǎo tǒu bottle, earthenware
chù shì brave; courageous; bold, for the good of, to manage; to handle, (same as 豉) fermented beans
chú to falter; to hesitate
chù waste cotton, raw silk or cotton
chǔ chú save money, store, reserve; heir
chù an animal in legend, traces or footprints of an animal
líu chù sulfur
chú kitchen; closet; cupboard
chù bend, stoop, crouch; to yield
chú zhù (same as 翥) to soar
chú hoe; eradicate
chú district in Anhui province
chú chick, fledging; infant, toddler
chú hoe; eradicate, eliminate
chù town in Henan province
chú hoe
chú shú toad
chǔ name of feudal state; clear
chú to till; to plough; to cultivate, agricultural implements; farm tools
chú (corrupted form of 廚) a kitchen, a sideboard with cupboard and drawers
hóng chù butt, ram, gore; touch
chǔ zhū mulberry; paper
chù chōu cramp, spasm, convulsion; twitch
cǎn chú xùan covetousness; greed; cupidity; avarice, licentious; obscene; to seduce
chù cóng used in transliteration; the traditional drama of Vietnam; (Cant.) all, entire, completely
chù crowd; transliteration of Sanskrit 'kso', e.g. 'aksobhya'
chú (non-classical of 報) a kitchen, a sideboard with cupboard and drawers
zhù zhúo chú zhāo zháo zhe manifest; (Cant.) to wear
chū shū Ailanthus glandulosa or A. altissima, a kind of tree useless as timber
chú (a variant of 幮 , 𢅥 𢅥) a screen used to make a temporary kitchen
chú stalk of the panicled millet; stalk of the rice plant
chǔ zhě zhǔ bag, valise; stuff, pad; surname
chú hoe; eradicate
chú chǔ (same as 楚) name of a powerful feudal state which existed 740-330 B.C.
chú kitchen; closet; cupboard
chù rough and rugged
chú coarse bamboo mat; ugly
zhū chú several, various
chǔ painful; suffering; privation
chú cabinet, wardrobe, cupboard
chú to cut grass; hay; fodder
chù furious; wrathful
chù dismiss; demote, downgrade
chǔ foundation stone, plinth
chú chick, fledging; infant, toddler
chú a screen used to make a temporary kitchen
chǔ chú to save money, store, reserve; an heir
chù chǔn a piebald horse, particoloured, miscellaneous, confused and disorderly, a stupid horse
chú hesitate, waver, falter
chú name of a stream in Hebei Province Hengshan, name of a river ( same as 涂水)
chú cabinet, wardrobe, cupboard
chū act; stanza; time, occasion
chú chùo hesitate, falter, be undecided
chù touch; butt, ram, gore
chú chick, fledging; infant, toddler
chú hesitate, waver, falter
chǔ foodstuff; provisions; grains for human consumption
chǔ toothache
chù straight, upright, erect, lofty
chǐ chóu chù (non-classical form of 雔) a kind of silkworm, pair of birds; couple; companion; to match, corresponding, proper