Mandarin Search: ci

order, sequence; next
name of a place
this, these; in this case, then
words; phrase, expression
serve, wait upon, attend; examine
to rely upon each other
stab; prick, irritate; prod
a kind of delicate and fine fabric, a napkin; kerchief or towel, a headwear
stab; prick, irritate; prod
aid; help
clear; bright and brilliant; swea
now, here; this; time, year
beautiful color of gem; flaw in
(same as 刺) to pierce; to stab; to irritate; to hurt
(non-classical form of ) to spread soil on the road, pave the road with soil, (ancient form of 堲) sickness; illness; disease
this, here, if so; in this case, reluctant to go forward
side room
háo hairy and poisonous caterpillars
indulge oneself, unrestrained
a kind of mineral
ancestral temple; offer sacrifice
zhài flaw, fault, defect; disease
xúan now, here; this; time, year
(same as 雌) female; feminine, a female bird, to dwell, to stop
chái a plant yielding a red dye
name of a stream in Sichuan province
crockery, porcelain, chinaware
(same as 蠀) grub ( a kind of larva); maggots, looper; inchworm; geometer
(non-classical form of 慈) compassion; mercy; kind
grow, multiply, increase; thrive
thatching; caltrop, Tribulus terrestris
now, here; this; time, year
(same as 詞) an expression, words; phrases; a part of speech, tales; stroies, a form of poetry
qǐan untamed and indocility cattle, huge; big; large
caterpillar; (Cant.) a nit, louse; itching
words; phrase, expression
bad-mouth; criticize; defects
give, bestow favors; appoint
cǎi to trample, to step, to walk on the ball of the foot
grain offered in ritual sacrifice; millet
female; feminine; gentle, soft
can't move; to falter
words, speech, expression, phrase
cúo high, towering; irregular, rugged
sound of raining, a great fall of rain; heavy rain; it rained large drops
kind, charitable, benevolent
(same as 亟) urgent; pressing
magnetic; magnetism; porcelain
rice cake
words, speech; a sentence, an expression or phrase; a message
chī a putrid carcase
give, bestow favors; appoint
name of a variety of bamboo
food made of crushed and cooked rice
ashamed; bashful
hairy and poisonous caterpillars; (Cant.) a louse
(same as ) a kind of water bird; with black color, (same as 雌) female; woman-like
䲿 (non-classical form of 鶿 ) cormorant
a wig
an owl-like bird
(corrupted form) to back up; to support, to take; to receive; to fetch; to obtain; to take hold of; (Cant.) to throw, heave, fling away
to accumulate or to store up rice, to purchase grain with public funds and store it against famine
(same as 蛓) hairy caterpillar
words, speech, expression, phrase
qi water-chestnuts; caltrop
(same as 髹) a kind of dark-red paint, to paint or lacquer (articles)
鶿 cormorant
the fishing cormorant
(same as 餈 粢 躄) rice cakes, rice to offered as sacrifice, the grains