Mandarin Search: deng

dèng surname
dēng lantern, lamp
chì dèng to gaze at
děng (same as 等) rank; grade, same; equal, to wait, and so on; etc.
děng rank, grade; wait; equal; 'etc.'
dēng rise, mount, board, climb
děng a small steelyard for weighing money, etc.
dēng ceremonial vessel
dèng bench; stool
dèng surname
chéng dèng purify water by allowing sediment to settle; clear, pure
dèng path leading up a mountain
dēng syllable; (Cant.) for (a recipient of pity or sympathy)
chéng chén dèng orange
dēng lantern, lamp
dèng dēng steps on ledge, cliff, or hill
dèng stare at
dēng dèng lamp; a kind of cooking vessel
dēng large umbrella with a long handle, used for street stalls
dèng bench; stool
dèng dēng step on, tread on; lose energy
dèng dēng lamp; a kind of cooking vessel
dèng unstable walking, fall, disease of the horse
dèng insomnia, to exhaust; highest; farthest