Mandarin Search: di

zhī name of an ancient tribe
de earth; soil, ground; region
to hang or bow the head, to droop, to lower; low, beneath
to shoot; to spurt, (same as 的) target for archery
dùo alone
zhé zhǐ mountain, (corrupted form of 底) underside; bottom; basis; foundation
low; to lower, hang, bend, bow
slander, comdemn, reproach
tribe from northern china; surnam
young brother; junior; i, me
de bottom, underneath, underside
purchase grains; store grain
official residence, residence of
resist, oppose; deny; off-set
to rebuke; to scold; slander
chí an islet, a rock in a river; an embankment; to stop
enlighten, advance; progress
chí zhī zhì a river in Hebei province
de possessive, adjectival suffix
to walk in an easy and leisurely manner, (same as 宙) time--past, present and future, infinite time; time without beginning or end; eternity
dài subservient; servant; KangXi radical 171
zhī chī callous, corn
dēi (Cant.) plural; adverb
supreme ruler, emperor; god
yūe yāo yào treaty, agreement, covenant
hidden; mysterious; secret, to conceal
gore, butt; resist
sháo xiào qùe shùo peony; water chestnuts
root, base; bottom of object
enlighten, advance; progress
enemy, foe, rival; resist
zhǐ (non-classical form 砥) a whetstone, smooth, to polish
younger sister, sister-in-law
net; web; network, net for catching rabbit
zhì (same as 炙) to burn; to heat; to roast; to broil
zhǐ a whetstone; to polish
(Cant.) blurred sight
wash, cleanse, purify; sweep
hand over, deliver; substitute
dài fetters; to fetter
ram, he-goat
赿 chí late slow; dilatory; tardy to delay; dull; stupid
bamboo flute; whistle
sequence, number; grade, degree
squeeze out of; extract
(non-classical form of 邸) residence of a prince or nobility
dài hand over, deliver; substitute
(Cant.) a few
(Cant.) place
zhú zhòu tún chase, expel; one by one
to stalk; the stem; the foot; the base
careful, attentive
sequence, number; grade, degree
see; interview; be admitted to audience
gore, butt; resist; push
to drop, as liquids; a drop
look at, glance at; stare at
tie, join, connect; connection
dike, embankment
slander, condemn, reproach
dài dǎi seize, catch; reach, arrive
dài kerria japonica plant, cherry
(non-classical form of 柢) root; foundation; base, eaves of a house; brim
at ease
shí hold in hand; lift in hand
zhì (interchangeable ) to have a casual and short glance; to catch a glimpse of, pretty eyes, insight; vision, bright eyes
(same as ) to have a casual and short glance; to catch a glimpse of, pretty eyes, insight; vision, bright eyes
to trample; to tread down, (same as 胝) callosities on the hands or feet
(same as 靪) to mend the soles of shoes, patchings; (same as 鞮) leather shoes
reed, Miscanthus saccariflorus
diào yóu Avena nuda; a bamboo basket
a boat; a ship; vessel
zhì name of a place, name of a mountain
drip; drop of water
dìan (interchangeable 靪) to mend the soles of shoes, patchings, (same as 鞮) leather shoes
zhái surname; a kind of pheasant; plumes
a small basin; a bowl. a cup; a pot; a jar
dài hand over, deliver; substitute
chá dài tǔo a legendary bird
zhì fall, stumble, falter; hindered
legal wife, child of legal wife
imperial ancestor worship
yóu flow
wash, cleanse, purify; sweep
(Cant.) to hit
good and beautiful
(same as ) uneasy; feeling uneasy or uncomfortable; not feeling at peace
bull; bullock; ox (castrated)
enemy, foe, rival; resist
shì zhé match, comfortable; just
peduncle or stem of plants
tie, join, connect; connection
shì grunting sound of pigs; clash
forehead; title, headline; theme
uneasiness, nervousness; level
walking rapidly
chì zhè (simplified form 螮) the rainbow
hoof; leg of pork; little witch
chí zhì paw
zhì a fish
careful, attentive
(same as 籴 糴) to lay in grain; to buy grain
a jar without ears
chí shí spoon, key
bamboo flute; whistle
a coiffure with a topknot; a wig
peduncle or stem of plants
rain, to rain
hoof; leg of pork; little witch a horse
rushes used form making mats, face decorations (for women), to ornament on the face of a woman
dàn gào tán (same as 霮) a passing cloud; floating clouds, densely covered by clouds; gathering clouds
zhí hoof; a falter; to hesitate
forehead; title, headline; theme
a pig's hoof; to go, to send
leather shoes
dysprosium; the barb of an arrow; the head of a javelin
(same as 樀) eaves of a house; brim, part of a loom, the cross beams on the frame on which silkworms spin, a bookcase, to abandon or give up
one of the 36 gardens in Han Dynasty, (same as 馰) horse with white forehead; fine horse
a kind of slippery long fish; with four feet; black color; a second name for Parasilurus asotus, small fish; fry, large carp
(same as 嚏) to sneeze
zhé zhè name of a variety of grain
purchase grains; store grain
覿 see; interview; be admitted to audience
salty; briny; salted