Mandarin Search: die

𢶣 díe to fold, double
zhì díe reach, arrive; extremely, very
díe indulge in pleasures; flee
díe yǒng frivolous; flippant; capricious; playful
díe ant-hill, small mound; hill
zhí díe zhì sill
díe zhì sound of a cat; bite; laugh
díe the declining sun in the west
díe white hempen cloth worn by mourners
díe repeatedly, frequently
díe rush forth; surpass, excel
díe to touch; to ram, to pull with hands
díe prominent eyes
díe repeatedly; frequently; to alternate, common; ordinary; normal, sharp, name of a state in ancient China, bold; brave; fierce; violent; severe; strict; stringent
dīe father, daddy
díe young melons just forming
shè díe ford stream, wade across
zhì díe stop up, obstruct
díe to scrape; advantageous
díe an intelligence report; to spy; spying
díe zhé tree with small leaves, mushroom; fungus, mould, ror mildew
shè díe ford stream
díe (same as 胅) protruded bones, swelling, a crooked nose
dìe aged; in one's eighties
díe zhé rush forth; surpass, excel
díe tīe shuffle, limp
xìe díe zhá qìe beating of ocean; surging of wate
dīe díe stumble, slip, fall down; stamp
díe plate
díe white hempen cloth worn by mourners
shé tíe díe to sort out the stalks used in divination; to fold
díe zhé zhì (same as 晢) clear, bright; glorious; to be sharp and perspicacious; able to examine the tiniest things
díe zhì the pleates on the lapel of a garment of thin silk
díe (interchangeable 惵) afraid; fearful; terrified, peaceful; quiet; calm; safe; secure; stable
díe zhá nag; chatter, babble, twitter
díe júe (interchangeable 鞢) a jade ring with a small segment cut off; used to indicate separation, a thumb-ring worn by archers, tinkling sound of clicking (said of metal), (corrupted form of 渫) to remove; to eliminate
díe small dish; window
chì díe hasty walking
díe documents, records; dispatch
díe half-sitting, half-reclining
díe pile; be piled up; fold up
díe butterfly
díe shé small dish, plate
díe kick
díe tīe butterfly
díe (a variant of 燁) blaze of fire, splendid, glorious
díe to skip, to dance; to put the foot down
díe xìe an intelligence report; to spy; spying
díe the cuckoo, a kind of pigeon, a kind of water bird
díe flatfish; flounder; sole
xìe díe dirty, ragged; slight, insult, treat with disrespect
zhé zhě díe pleat, crease, wrinkles
díe dirty, ragged; undress, to treat with irreverence
díe sole
díe zhì gifts to superiors or friends, offerings of ceremony
díe a walking horse, to gallop, swift
díe zhì (a variant of 疊) to fold up, to repeat, to duplicate
díe repeat, duplicate; repeitious
díe qìe zhá flatfish; flounder; sole
díe nìe xìe color of the fire, color fading, (interchangeable 渝) to change mind, another name of Chongqing
díe sole
tǐe díe iron; strong, solid, firm
díe repeat, duplicate; repetitious
cán chán díe zhàn an eagle; a hawk, second name for osprey or water hawk, a kind of eagle-like bird with white pattern
díe sùi zhì zòu a kind of fish
díe repeat, duplicate; repetitious
díe xìe shallots or scallions, small (piece of land); narrow (minded)
díe (a variant) to pile on; to fold up, to draw together; to collect
díe zhá to pile on; to fold up
díe fine cotton cloth; fine woolen cloth
díe a legendary weired bird; resembling the magpie; dark red color; with two heads and four feet, (corrupted form of 鸓) flying squirrel; bats