Mandarin Search: er

èr two; twice
ér er son, child; KangXi radical 10
ěr you, your
ěr you; that
ěr you; that, those; final particle
èr number two
èr number two
ér néng and; and then; and yet; but
ěr réng ear; merely, only; handle
ér son, child, oneself; final part
ér er son, child, oneself; final part
èr punishment by cutting off ears
èr nài a second, an assistant
ěr nǎi (same as 嬭) the breasts of a woman; milk; a term of respect for women; grandma, one's elder sister or sisters, used for a girl's name
èr side of mouth
ěr a lake in Yunnan
ér nài whiskers
ěr bait; bait, entice; dumplings
ér the lips; (Cant.) to sip
èr used in girl's name
ér to hold; to grasp, to maintain; to keep, a post, to lead on, (same as 擩) to rub, to crumble by hand, to massage; mixed-up; confused
ěr be near, be close; recently
èr number two
ér nùo to fawn on; to flatter; to please, to love, attractive
ér to twist or to crumple between hands and make something turn, (same as 懦) cowardice; timid; weak and cowardly
ér tears; tearful
ér cooked; well-done
èr tendon (of meat animals); sinews; muscles
ér king-post
ěr ear ornament; stick, insert
èr number two
èr erbium
ér forced laughter
ér swallow
èr offering blood to God
èr number two
ěr (simplified form) (interchangeable 耳) flourishing; thriving; vigorous
èr ěr the blood of a sacrificial fowl which was sprinkled on the doors and vessels
ěr (same as 餌) a bait, cakes, food, to eat
ěr reins; bridle
ér rǔan fruit, plant, (same as 檽) a fruit tree; black date
èr to brew the wine a second time, to get over a drinking bout
ér hearse
ér pretty and fine silk fabrics
ér roe
ěr you; that, those; final particle
ěr èr kēng erbium
èr (same as 貳) capital form of two, a second job, to harbour doubts; to hesitate, to revolt
ěr bait; bait, entice; dumplings
ěr name of a legendary swift horse
èr jujube
ér whiskers, bristles on the jaws of an animal
ér swallow
ér roe
núan rǔan ér nùo immerse, moisten; wet, damp
ěr be near, be close; recently
ér nào soft
ér pài young horse, stallion; male horse
ěr luxuriant growth of flower
ér hearse