Mandarin Search: fan

fán all, any, every; ordinary, common
fán all, any, every; ordinary, common
fán all; common; general; every, whenever; generally
fǎn fān reverse, opposite, contrary, anti
fàn commit crime, violate; criminal
fàn fán fěng overflow, flood, inundate
fān sail; boat
fán (a variant of 帆) a sail, to sail
fàn fěng float, drift; afloat; careless
jǐa fǎn falsehood, deception; vacation
fàn cooked rice; food, meal
fàn nauseated; disgusted, (in medicine) an acute case, quick-tempered, to regret; to repent, small (piece of land); narrow (minded)
fǎn return, revert to, restore
fán dm
fàn fán fěng to drift, float; careless, reckless
fàn peddler, hawker, street merchant
fán alum
fán vanadium
pàn fān fèn pīn risk, disregard; go all out for
bìan fàn guide or lead to make the water flowing smoothly
fàn wǎn to faint, to feel nausea, abuse; vilification
fán bother, vex, trouble; troublesome
fàn mǐan wǎn (same as 娩) to bear a son; to give birth
䀀 fán cups; small cups
fǎn xía (same as 丰) luxuriant; exuberant of the grass and trees, young shoots of the rape-turnip--Brassica rapa
fàn wǎn (same as ) (a variant of 碗) a bowl; a basin; a cup; a dish
fán fèi fèn sight blurred; unclear; dim
fàn deep
fán fǎn fàn vanadium
fǎn reasonable authority statements, (same as 呶) noise (especially from a brawling crowd); uproar; turmoil, abusive language, to boast
fán fān basket
fàn peddler, hawker, street merchant
pàn fán robe
fàn surname; bee-like insect
fàn a bamboo form; a model
fán fǎn pèi the protruded sides of a carriage (used in ancient times to screen off muddy dust)
fàn Buddhist, Sanskrit
fān pān fán pán to take turns; a turn, a time; to repeat
fán a railing; a fence an enclosed place
fán pán decorations put on the mane or horsehair, (standard form of 繁) many, troublesome, a family name
fán ravelled silk
fàn cooked rice; food; meal
fàn cooked rice; food; meal
fán (same as standard form 颿) a swift horse
fán bother, vex, trouble; troublesome
màn wàn fàn place in Henan province
bèi fàn fèi (abbreviated form 癈) incurable disease
fán the fighting sound of dogs, agile; sprightly
fǎn bǎn sole or flounder
fàn pattern, model, rule, law
fán pán fàn a railing; a fence an enclosed place
pān pán fān pàn surname; water in which rice has been rinsed; a river that flows into the Han
fān (Cant.) emphatic final particle
fán tomb
fān pennant, banner, streamer, flag
fàn to bear multiple, identical, offspring
fán a piece of precious jade
fán fén to roast; to burn
fán to cook meat for a sacrifice or offering
fán pán complicated, complex, difficult
fán (corrupted form of 繁) many; abundant, complex; intricate
fàn fáng bamboo ware, awning in front of a cart, covering the horse or mule in the shafts; canvas top on vehicles
fán (same as 籓) a winnow, a container for dust, (same as 藩) a bamboo fence; a barrier, a bamboo basket with handles for carrying earth or dirt, family name
fán fàn rice gravy
pán fán coil; coiling, curling; occupy
fān a pennant, a banner
fán fān foreign things
fān flip over, upset, capsize
fān fán to interpret; to flap, flutter in the wind
fán fān fàn sail
fán fān an animal's paws
fán alum
fán (interchangeable 膰) meats used in sacrifice
fán vanadium
fān flip over, upset, capsize
fán garlic
fán group; crowd; swarm; a flock, a square of leather, leather wrapped
fán grasshopper
fán fān fence; boundary; outlying border
fán to give birth to, to bring and to rear (interchangeable 蕃) to increase; to multiply; to propagate
fàn well up; spring out of a fountain or geyser, name of a fountain in today's Henan Pronice
fán ugly