Mandarin Search: fang

fāng box; KangXi radical 22
fāng fēng páng wǎng a square, rectangle; a region; local
仿 fǎng páng imitate, copy; as if
访 fǎng visit; ask, inquire
fǎng bǎng spin, reel, weave; reeled pongee
fǎng páng (same as 仿) to imitate, like; resembling, according to
fáng fāng interfere with, impede, obstruct
fāng fáng neighborhood, urban subdivision; (J) priest's residence; (Buddhist) priest; boy
fáng defend; prevent; embankment
páng fǎng like, resembling; resemble
fǎng (same as 仿) alike; similar, (same as 搒) to involve; to affect
fǎng (same as 仿 方) to imitate, like; resembling; according to, a measurement for sound effect
fáng jealous; to envy, (same as 妨) to hinder; to obstruct, to harm; to damage
fāng bìng sandalwood; tree used as timber
fǎng bright dawn, daybreak; appear
fàng fǎng put, release, free, liberate
fáng páng house, building; room
fǎng fèn to hasten; to hurry to
fáng animal fat
fāng francium
fǎng indistinct
fāng fragrant; virtuous; beautiful
fǎng fancy boat, yacht
fǎng páng imitate
fǎng bǎng fàng spin, reel, weave; reeled pongee
fǎng visit; ask, inquire
fāng francium
fáng bream
fǎng hǎn mǒu zǔo (ancient form of 嗟) to sigh in lamentation; to lament; an exclamation expressing grief or regret; to exclaim, name of a hill
fǎng similar to, like
fǎng (same as 鶭) a kind of black bird; most of the time stay by the marsh; where water gathers
fáng bream
fǎng tǔo tubular, oval, elliptical
fàn fáng bamboo ware, awning in front of a cart, covering the horse or mule in the shafts; canvas top on vehicles