Mandarin Search: fei

fēi fly; go quickly; dart; high
fēi pèi wife, spouse; imperial concubine
bìng bèi fèi sound of flying or speeding
fèi strong; healthy, to clasp under the arm, to persecute; to oppress, vigorous
fèi bark
féi fat, plump, obese; fertile
fèi abrogate, terminate, discard
fèi boil, bubble up, gush
fèi bèi wood shavings
fèi baboon
fèi pèi lungs
fēi fěi not, negative, non-; oppose
bèi fèi pèi a two-years-old ox, ox with a long body, ox with long and big feet
fèi expenses, expenditures, fee
fěi pèi light of crescent moon
bēn féi fén fèn forge ahead; energetic; surname
fèi meat
fēi fly; go quickly; dart; high
fèi flower; small; little; lush
fèi exorcise, remove evil; clean
fèi to castrate, a ram or he-goat, last name
fěi fēi bandits, robbers, gangsters
fán fèi fèn sight blurred; unclear; dim
fèi to pound (grain) in order to remove the husk
fěi slander, vilify, condemn
fèi féi prickly heat, rash
fèi large rope; rope attached to bier
fěi to be desirous of speaking
fēi scarlet, dark red, crimson; purpl
fèi a kind of tree, a harrow; a drag, a written contract or agreement; a bond; a deed, handles of spears or lances used in ancient times
féi name of an affluent of the Poyang Lake
fèi straw shoes; straw door
fěi big
fēi pēi morphine; coffee
fěi hidden; concealed; secret, narrow and small, ugly, low; mean, inferior
méi féi county in Shaanxi province
féi calf; avoid; be ill; wither
fèi flutter; flower
fèi expenses, expenditures, fee
bēn féi fén fèn forge ahead; energetic; surname
fèi abrogate, terminate, discard
fēi door panel
fèi two brindled cows to plough face to each other, to cultivate; to plant after the second time of ploughing; (Cant.) to push lightly, flick off
fěi fēi graceful, elegant, beautiful
fèi loquacious, to talk quickly
fěi species of yew
fèi féi fěi heat rash, prickly heat; ulcers
fěi (same as 悱) to be desirous of speaking; inarticulate; unable to give vent to one's emotion, sorrowful
fēi fěi fèi fragrant, luxuriant; the Philippines
fēi fěi pèi bèi cockroach
péi féi surname; look of a flowing gown
féi a kind of bamboo, exuberant and flourishing of bamboo, (same as 笆) a barrier made of bamboo or willow branch; bamboo fence, a mat
bèi fàn fèi (abbreviated form 癈) incurable disease
fèi fermium
fēi scarlet, dark red, crimson; purpl
fěi type of yew
fěi kingfisher; emerald, jade
fèi abrogate, terminate, discard
fèi (same as 沸) boiling (water, etc.) to gush; bubbling up, (sane as 湃) the roaring of billows, name of a person
fěi slander, vilify, condemn
fèi to strike; to fight with hands, to scratch lightly; to brush; to shake; to dust, to knock down; to floor
fèi disheveled hair; similar to
fèi to cut off the feet (one of the five punishments in ancient times)
fèi (same as 踣) to stumble and fall
fēi falling of snow and rain
fěi round or oval covered-baskets with short legs
fēi herring
fèi a tiny needle; thin pin; one of the nine needles used in Chinese medicine, (same as 扉) a door leaf
fèi abrogate, terminate, discard
fēi scent
fèi to meet; to run into suddenly; unexpectedly
fēi horse; run
fèi a string fastened to an arrow to draw it back after shooting
fēi fèi herring
fèi fermium
fèi (non-classical form ) coarse bamboo mat, a kind of ailment, probably of a rheumatic nature, which causes stiff neck and backbone
fèi coarse bamboo mats
fèi a kind of rice plant (not glutinous and with purple colored stalk), (same as 糞) to apply fertilizers