Mandarin Search: ge

numerary adjunct, piece; single
halberd, spear, lance; rad. 62
strong; valiant
jíe resolute; a non-Han ethnic group in Guangxi, Hunan, and Guizhou
combine, unite, join; gather
each, individually, every, all
inferior silk; tassel, fringe
armpit, arms
a vessel for rice, mats on carritage
(Cant.) intensive particle
pimple, sore, boil, wart, pustule
lo final particle
leather, animal hides; rad. 177
mooring stake; painter, mooring
jíe inferior silk; tassel, fringe
a flea; species of beetle
xía county in Shanxi province
name of a person
corresponding; equivalent, cosiderable; to a great extent, appropriate, (same as 凹) a hollow, concave
chamber, pavilion; cabinet
jía mixed; abundant; assorted, repeated
lùo to cut the flesh from the bone; to scrape off; to pick out; to get rid of, to arrest; to catch to seize, to struggle; to fight; to conflict; to vie; to compete
jíe balance weights
gúo to strike
pattern, standard, form; style
armpit, arms
hào gǎo great, numerous, vast, abundant
lùo lào brand, burn; branding iron
excellent; to commend to be able to
elder brother
è type of caldron with three hollow legs; name of a state; KangXi radical number 193
qìa to arrest; to catch; to seize, to brawl; a hand-to-hand fight; to struggle for; to fight for, to beat; to strike; to attack
numerary adjunct, piece; single
large boat, barge
coresponding; equivalent, considerable, appropriate, (same as 凹) indented; a hollow, concave
gài cover, hide, protect
lùo chromium
pigeon, dove; Columba species (various)
gǎo an arrow shaft
kài sound of the ringed pheasant, cackling of fowls, (same as 嗝) to gag, to vomit, (a dialect) an auxiliary verb (almost same as 的)
hàn mouth; jaw
è clam
allium victorialis
river in Shandong province
place, put, lay down; delay
cut, divide, partition; cede
tie it tightly, to lead an ox, a wart; a pustule; a pimple, a round lump
jǐa potassium kalium
zhá sluice; flood gate, canal lock
cackling of fowls to gag, to vomit
(Cant.) that
close; whole, entire; all; leaf
rǒng separate, partition
(same as 膈) the diaphragm
lùo chromium
song, lyrics; sing, chant; praise
chamber, pavilion; cabinet
gǔn hùn hùo jíe to turn; to shift; to move
(non-classical form) teethridge; gum; the jaw bone, the skull, the top of the skull
jīa jía hafnium
river in Shandong province
small side door; chamber
numerary adjunct, piece; single
hàn hán qīn mouth; jaw
gài cover, hide, protect
knee-pad made of red-dyed leather
a kind of bamboo with a red skin; it is used for fine mats and other purposes, an ancient musical instrument which was used to give the signal to cease playing
edible bean; surname
bone; skeleton; corpse
(sama as ) fire
gài cover, hide, protect
great array of spears and chariots
used in transliterations
name of a river, clear, pure; to cover; to hide
鴿 pigeon, dove; Columba species (various)
place, put, lay down; delay
gèng leather to be moistened by rain
cunning; craft; sly; wily; artful, bright; wise
slander, defame
close; whole, entire; all; leaf
qìa the pelvis
kài the lower jawbone, the cranium
jíe (same as 蠽) a blue-green colored cicada
great array of spears and chariots
reins; a halter, (interchangeable 革) hides stripped of hair; leather, the target, to force; to compel, to carve, to stop
to adhere to; to stick together