Mandarin Search: gong

gōng bow; curved, arched; KangXi radical number 57
gōng labor, work; worker, laborer
gǒng gòng nìan two hands; KangXi radical 55
gōng fair, equitable; public; duke
gōng the fore-arm; most Chinese-English dictionaries give the upper-arm; round
gōng achievement, merit, good result
hóng hōng gōng red, vermillion; blush, flush
gòng gōng together with, all, total; to share
gǒng bind; firm, secure, strong
gǒng (same as 珙) a large piece of jade-stone
gǒng element mercury
gòng offer tribute; tribute, gifts
gōng attack, assault; criticize
gǒng (same as 廾) hands joined, to support; to aid; to help, to lean upon
gōng gòng supply, provide for; offer in worship
gōng forearm
gòng to freeze; to congeal; to curdle
hóng jìang hòng gòng rainbow
hóng gōng jìang red, vermillion; blush, flush
gǒng fold hands on breast; bow, salute
gōng palace
gǒng qíong scared; terrified, fear; dread; fright
gǒng torture used in ancient times
gōng palace, temple, dwelling, enclose
gōng zhōng centipede
gǒng precious stone; xian in Sichuan
gōng body; personally, in person
gòng offer tribute; tribute, gifts
gǒng large peg, stake; post, pillar
gōng respectful, polite, reverent
gǒng to raise; to fold the hands on the breast, to bow, to salute, a method (to pile or to raise up) of painting; (Cant.) to push from behind
gǒng earthenware; pottery (bottle; pitcher; jug; vase; crock with a narrow opening)
gǒng big rocks on the riverside (interchangeable 栱) an arched opening
gōng give, present; reverential
gāng gōng tire of wheel; band
gòng háng a narrow path (for rabbit), (same as 迒) animal tracks, path; way; road
qíong gǒng cricket, locust; anxious
gòng xíang a bamboo basket for food containers (such as cup; plate; dish and bowl, etc.) used in ancient times, a basket for chopsticks, bamboo basket used to filter or to strain out the wine, a sail made of a thin and long strip of bamboo
gōng a cup made of horn obstinate
gǒng rim of a wheel; felly; felloe, (or a wheel) to run over, to oppress, the shafts of a cart or carriage
gōng hóng the nautilus
gōng body; self
hòng hǒng gǒng vast
gǒng bind; firm, secure, strong
gǒng element mercury
gōng lǒng the name of bamboo hat
gǎn gòng nǒu lush growth of grass, trees and fruits
dǎn gǒng spawn; roe, a kind of legendary fish said to be thousands of miles long, (interchangeable 魟) the nautils; the ray
gòng small cup, chest; box, a kind of container usually put on one's head to carry things
gōng a cup made of rhinoceros horn
gǎn gàn gòng Jiangxi province
gàn gòng Jiangxi province; places therein
gōng give, present; reverential
gàn gòng zhùang Jiangxi province; places therein
gòng a small cup, a box; a chest, a granary, cover of a vessel
gǎn gàn gòng the River Gan in Jiangxi