Mandarin Search: gu

old, classic, ancient
to come; to go out
run swiftly
jiǎo júe horn; angle, corner; point
merchant; estimate, guess, presume
exegesis, explanation; explain
valley, gorge, ravine
orphan, fatherless; solitary
gūa wail, crying of child; swear at
mumble, mutter, murmur; rumble
father's sister; husband's mother
buy and sell; inferior in quality
a river in Hubei province
to become solid, solidify; strength
(corrupted form) to make a profit on sell and buy; the profit in business, (interchangeable 嬴) a overplus; gain; profit; abundance
thighs, haunches, rump; share
mèi xúe down; to see obscurely, (same as 䀛)
cow; bull; ox
ancient, old; reason, because
species of Taiwan pigeon
bone; skeleton; frame, framework
cobalt; household iron
jǐa jìa surname; merchant; buy, trade
jīa jie house, home, residence; family
look back; look at; look after
a black ram
net; snare; pressure come or go
large fishing net
gāo háo the high land along a river
an implement to draw or to collect ropes or cords
(same as 痼) chronic disease, a sore in the mouth of a child
(a dialect) to stare at
jǐu móu the cucumber, dried (preserved) vegetable
dried up; exhausted, tired; dry
(Cant.) phonetic; in a bad mood
mole cricket
bulrush, Zizania latifolia
hùo bottle gourd; calabash; pot
poison; venom; harm; bewitch
dam, dike; used in place names
bitter; hardship, suffering
júe handcuffs, manacles, fetters
name of a county in Han dynasty; today's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; southeast of Baotou county
to deal in spirits
yíng open eyes, big eyes, to move one's eyes
jug, winecup, goblet; square
exegesis, explanation; explain
crime, criminal offense
employ, to hire
to care for, to look after to regard; to turn the head round to look
jǐa jìa surname; merchant; buy, trade
drum; beat, top, strike
a drum; to drum, from whence comes: to rouse; to swell; to bulge
cobalt; household iron cobaltum
run metal into cracks; confine
a kind of tool used to get fish
dig; turbid; exert; (Cant.) to shake
chronic disease
húa slip, slide; slippery, polished
hub of wheel
jǐa felicity, prosperity; large and strong
molecular formula (C18H12), to brush
back of the foot, the back feet of the animal, covering; shell, to strike; heat from the top
drum; excite, arouse
tóu die, dice
paper mulberry
name of a variety of grass
pieces of wood
wild rice; Zizania latifolia
employ, hire
hoop; bind, surround
a kind of pigeon; treron permagna
disease of the knee
gòu nòu corn, grain, cereal; lucky
(same as 穀) grains; corns; cereals
grain, corn
fish guts
species of Taiwan pigeon
qùe a pot, an earthen pot; a deep cooking pot
run metal into cracks; confine
follicles of plants
gùang kòu unburnt bricks; tiles; eathenware, etc.
(same as 馨) fragrance or aroma (expecially that which comes from after), (same as 榖) grains and corns; cereals
hub of wheel
dropsical swelling; puffy bloated
hòu tǒu zhěn sound of carts or stones (big things) knocking together, cross-bar in the rear of a carriage
blind; blind musician; stupid
river name in Henan province
salt pit; leisure; pot; drink
fish guts
chī leave, depart; go away; separate
a kind of animal (from Beihai)
a kind of pigeon; falcon
look back; look at; look after
the process to whiten the ivory or elephant tusk, sound of gnaw
poison; venom; harm; bewitch
hùi a small tripod of bronze with two ears (standard form 鏏) tripod of bronze with two ears; heavy three-legged caldron or sacrificial vessel