Mandarin Search: han

chǎng hàn ān factory, workshop; radical 27
gān gàn hán oppose, offend; invade; dried
hàn Chinese people; Chinese language
hàn hán gān perspiration, sweat
hàn to defend; to ward off; to refuse; to reject; to oppose, a frontier pass (in Wuxian) in ancient times, a county in ancient times
àn hān án jìan a wild dog, a not very large lock-up
hán an ancient place in the state of Wu
hàn gǎn ward off, withstand, resist
hàn village
féng hàn milk; breasts, the young of animals, birds
hán hold in mouth; cherish; contain
hàn drought; dry; dry land
gàn hàn sunset, dusk; evening
hàn xìe illness; disease
gān hàn water from washing rice to boil thick, as gruel
hán hàn city in Hebei province; various
hán correspondence; a case; a box
hǎn hàn (standard form 罕) a net or snare, a flag, rare; strange; scarce; few, name of a place in ancient times
hǎn hàn rare, scarce; surname
hǎn (same as ) (standard form 罕) a net or snare, a flag, rare; strange; scarce; few, name of a place in ancient times
gān hán worm
hān large face, flat face; stupid
hán correspondence; a case; a box
hán flame; fire, light; brightness
hán correspondence; a case; a box
xūan xǐan xìan hǎn jīan carriage; high; wide; balcony; surname of the Yellow Emperor
àn hàn prison; a kind of wild dog
hàn ward off, guard against, defend
hān hán hàn a sound; to put in the mouth; (Cant.) to grunt, grumble
hán steep and lofty, a big valley
hán steep and lofty, a big valley
hàn courageous, brave; violent
hán (Cant.) onomatopoetic, the sound of a fiercely-burning fire
hàn weld, solder
hàn village
hán hàn soak, wet; tolerate, be lenient
hān kind of clam, arca inflata
hàn gān solder
hàn (same as 捍) to resist; to oppose; to obstruct, to defend; to guard; to ward off, (same as ) to thump; to beat; to strike; to attack
hàn Anhui province
hán pre-dawn
hán hàn gems of pearls formerly put into the mouth of a corpse
hàn the magpie, jackdaw; jay and similar birds
hàn medicine for a sore; a boil (injure by a sword or a knief)
hán wrath; anger
hán xìa name of a place in Shanxi province
hán cold, wintry, chilly
hān hàn enjoy intoxicants
hán tool to clear out ( as a drain) the water, (same as 函) a case; a small box
hàn big-eyed
hàn jíe zhǎ (same as 嫉) envy; jealousy, to hate
qían hán lock, latch; stamp, seal
hán a water-jar with ears for carrying it
hán fence; surname; Korea
hān àn large face, flat face; stupid
hàn lǐan xìan the unsatisfaction of hunger requires meat, to cook the meat
hǎn shout, call out, yell; howl; cry
hàn to shake; to rock; to jolt; to joggle
hán (non-classical form of 韓) a fence, name of a star, a small feudal State, old name for Korea
hàn mouth; jaw
hàn a bud
hàn chin, jowl; give nod
hàn surname
fǎng hǎn mǒu zǔo (ancient form of 嗟) to sigh in lamentation; to lament; an exclamation expressing grief or regret; to exclaim, name of a hill
jīan hán box; casket; letter; envelope
gàn hán trunk of tree or of human body
hàn long hair; mane
hān a mouth or opening
hàn buds, lotus buds
hàn qìa (same as 漢) name of a dynasty, belonging to China, the Milky Way the Han River, (interchangeable 域) a frontier; a boundary; a region; a country, to live; to stay
hàn tān the Chinese people, Chinese language
hàn dangerous; lofty; steep; high and dangerous
àn hán young birds flying
hàn hǔan big eyes (same as 睅) protuberant eyes, goggle-eye
hán (same as ) a kind of solid bamboo
hǎn hàn loquacity, boasting; hyperbole, to talk harshly; to shout angrily
hǎn jìan kǎn a mountain stream or torrent, a measurement used in ancient times; a hundred million waterways (ditches) equal to a mountain stream, a river in ancient, head source in south of Henan Province, flowing east then north to conbine with Gushui (today's Jianhe
hàn by fire
hàn nìe xíe xín used in girl's name
hàn hán qīn mouth; jaw
hàn solder, weld; leg armor, greaves
gǎn hàn to wash name of a place
hǎn dogs barking, little dog; a puppy, name of a place in today's Henan Province Xinyexian
hàn dry by exposing sun
hǎn kǎn ruggedness of the road; difficulties of the way; bad luck, unable to reach one's aim
hán armor; coat of mail, (interchangeable 函) a case; a small box, cup
hàn writing brush, pen, pencil
hán earthworm
hān foolish, silly, coquettish
hàn to regret, remorse; dissatisfied
hàn chin, jowl; give nod
hàn move, shake; (Cant.) to fight
hǔan hùan hàn wǎn gǔan cleanse, wash
gǎn hàn roll flat
hán fence; surname; Korea
hàn to rage, run wild
hān snore loudly
hàn winter ploughing, to plough a dry farmland (upland), to till; to plough
hǎn hàn (corrupted form of 熯) dry; freely burning; to burn; to roast (dialect) to dry or heat near a fire; consume by fire, to expose to sunlight (same as 焊) to weld; to join with solder, respectful; reverent; deferential
hàn jǐn fine woven pattern
hān lǐan lìan draw back, fold back; collect
hán a kind of rat, lizard
hán rained for a long time; too much rain
hán armor, (standard form ) to contain; to envelop, a sheath, a letter
hàn a white pheasant
hǎn hàn (simplified form) the roars of a tiger
hǎn jìan xìan a big jar; a big basin
hàn vast, wide, extensive
kàn hǎn xìan glance, peep; roar, growl
hán hàn long-hair horse
hǎn lán (non-classical form of 喊) (standard form of 婪) to call; to halloo, covetous; avaricious
hàn kǎn thin and sickly in appearance; emaciated look, to move one's head
tān hàn nàn bank, a sandbar, shoal; rapids
hǎn angry air of look; to look furious, the roars of a tiger
hàn name of a variety of grass