Mandarin Search: hou

biāo hǒu fire; radical number 86
hòu queen, empress, sovereign
hǒu a fierce Mongolian wolf dragon's head on roofs
ōu hōng hǒu óu 'OM'; bellow; (Cant.) dull, stupid
hǒu roar, shout; bark, howl
hòu (same as 厚) thick, deep friendship, to treat kindly; generous
hòu (interchangeable ) to linger; to walk to and from, to conceal; to cover up; to secrete; to hide; to cover over
hǒu hōu breathe on; yawn; roar
hóu hòu marquis, lord; target in archery
hǒu (interchangeable 吼) to roar of animals, angry tones, (interchangeable 詬) a sense of shame; to shame, to vomit
hòu thick; substantial; greatly
hòu used in place names
hòu place in Shandong province
hóu hòu conciliation; to come to an amicable understanding; compromise
hòu behind, rear, after; descendents
hòu wait; expect; visit; greet
hǒu ǒu calf, bull; bullock; ox (castrated), (a variant) domesticated animals
hòu gòu meet unexpectedly
hòu battlements, battlemented walls
帿 hóu marquis, lord; target in archery
hóu monkey, ape; monkey-like
hòu a name of a town in Henan province
hóu (same as 猴) the monkey
hóu (standard form of 喉) the throat; the gullet; guttural
hóu throat, gullet, larynx; guttural
gòu hòu abuse, scold, berate, insult
hòu king crab
hóu fruit
hòu hard to walk, lame; crippled
hóu name of a star
hóng hòu a typhoon; great gale of wind
hóu (Cant.) to watch
hòu to toil or labor sedulously
hóu weapons; arms ( a lance; a spear)
hóu warts, pimples
hóu a house-lizard or gecko, a kind of insect; living in the water
hóu dried rice, dry provisions
hóu ancient music instrument; harp
hóu a loose garment or cloak, shirt; jacket
gòu hóu tip of a long bone
gòu hòu mǐn to desire for more money than one's rightful share
hòu tǒu zhěn sound of carts or stones (big things) knocking together, cross-bar in the rear of a carriage
hóu arrow
hóu dry goods, dry provisions
hóu reckless; unrestrained; without limit (said of speech; words, etc.)
hōu hóu snore loudly; very, extremely
hóu an eagle; a hawk
hóu blowfish
hòu king crab